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The Curse of Knowledge

The most important responsibility you have as a business owner is to Set the Vision. Your Vision is the combination of your Purpose, Values and Mission. The Purpose and Values are at the core of everything your business does and the Mission is the destination that...

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Business Process Development Steps

There are certain milestones businesses universally go through as they scale, regardless of what industry they operate in. On the journey from six figures to seven, you probably realized the importance of getting a team in place to help your business continue to grow....

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Good Succession Planning

One of the most important things many business owners fail to prepare for is their eventual exit from the business. Whether due to retirement, transfer of ownership, or an unexpected life event, good succession planning is crucial for ensuring that your business...

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Successful Habits and the Science of Change

Many of us think of New Year’s as a time for reflection and setting new resolutions — where we look back at where we’ve been and the lessons we’ve learned, and then look forward and plan for the future we hope to achieve. We promise ourselves to set successful habits...

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Pre-Hiring Steps Too Many Companies Skip

 Congratulations! You’re in hiring mode. And that probably means things are going well for you and your business. But before that job posting goes up, let’s make sure your hiring plans lead you to even greater success. For most business owners, the cycle is the...

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10 Do’s and Don’ts of the Hiring Process

 Can we all agree that “bad” or “misfitted” employees top the list of “Things We Hate Dealing With” at work? At Elite, one of our focal points is helping business owners build the best team to grow their companies. With each of our customers, we review, revise,...

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Vacation – The New Strategy for Growth

 Did that title say what I thought it said? Yes it did! You want to grow a successful business…Go on Vacation! I have a good friend and past client who early in our working relationship called me up because something about his business and life just didn’t seem...

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How to Effectively Wield the Power of “No”

 “NO!”After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs I have seen many patterns emerge that distinguish the ever striving but never succeeding entrepreneur from the truly great ones. One of the key differences is the ability to say “No”. I know, we are supposed to...

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Don’t burn out and plateau…Shift Gears

 A good manual car performs at optimal efficiency through acceleration when the driver shifts to the next gear at around 3000 RPM. Pushing well above that consumes more fuel for less increase in speed and causes unnecessary wear and tear to the engine. At some...

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