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Responsibility #2 – Build The Team

  Once you have Set the Vision, your next key responsibility as a 7-figure business owner is to build a team to accomplish your Mission (remember, your Mission is just one essential element to a well-articulated Vision). ‘Build the Team’ is deceptively simple.  It...

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Employee Engagement Strategies

  Engaging the Hearts and Minds of Your People  I frequently get asked by our Elite community members for employee engagement strategies.  If you struggle to get “buy-in” or ownership from your team or have people in your company who are just punching the clock while...

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4 Things You Must Do As a Business Owner

  It’s one thing to know what you are responsible for as the business owner. It’s another thing to know how to make it happen. While you may need to initially tackle this work in a different order than I’m outlining here, every business leader has ongoing work to do...

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Responsibility #3 – Don’t Run Out Of Money!

  Most entrepreneurs have some serious scar tissue from trying to make a startup work. From the long hours to the pressure of making payroll, entrepreneurs come from a place of wearing whatever hat is necessary to figure things out and keep the business from falling...

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Your #1 Responsibility as a Leader

  It’s not uncommon for a bigger business to have a vision statement.   These statements often end up on a plaque or a poster of some kind in the lobby.  Most employees in these businesses have walked past the company’s vision statement countless times.  However, if...

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3 Powerful Lessons We Learned From Rudy Ruettiger

  As part of our Elite Momentum program, we host quarterly two-day events, usually near the Infusionsoft headquarters in Chandler, Arizona. We’ll often bring in outside speakers to provide amazing content to our members.  At our May 2018 event, we brought in Daniel...

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The Stages of Small Business Success

  In my last post, I explained why we consider $1M+ businesses to be ‘Elite’. Now I want to zoom out with you and share something we call the Stages of Small Business Success. It has been my experience that this infographic resonates powerfully with business owners...

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Is Your Business Elite?

  If you are a $1M+ business owner, you are rare. While the posted numbers from different sources vary slightly, there is consistency in the message… you represent the elite when it comes to growing a business.  If you take into account every business that ever...

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