What is the right business scaling strategy for you? At Elite Entrepreneurs, we want to help seven figure business owners just like you grow through the challenges and opportunities you’re facing today.  With a great business scaling strategy you can reach $10 million in revenue and beyond. And one of the best ways to do that is to learn sound business scaling strategy from who have walked the path you’re on now. Someone who has mastered those same challenges you’re facing.

This week’s extraordinary guest is Ron Alvesteffer, President and CEO of the world-class, industry-leading Service Express. Over his more than twenty years at Service Express, Ron grew from seven figures in revenue to more than $250 million and 50+ locations across the United States.

Your Team is the Most Important Part of Your Business Scaling Strategy

To say that Ron knows the struggles seven-figure business owners face is an understatement. He knows that the key to creating a business scaling strategy that will help your organization achieve its growth goals is to ensure that you have the right team members wearing the right hats.

Service Express has never let go of their growth mindset. They have developed an extraordinary company Culture that has allowed Service Express to achieve an unbelievable Net Promoter Score (NPS). Service Experts consistently delights their customers with outstanding service.

In our conversation in this week’s episode of the Elite Entrepreneurs podcast, Ron shares invaluable insights about developing a business scaling strategy that can take you exactly where you want your business to go. He discusses the crucial role Culture and Values play in assembling the right team to help you get there.

Systems and Processes to help you grow

Ron joined Service Express very early on, back when the team was small and the road was long. One of the first opportunities he identified was implementing systems and consistent, repeatable sales processes. This would allow Service Express to deliver the same exacting results every single time. Putting those systems and processes in place eliminated some of the bottlenecks that could have held the organization back from reaching its goals.

One of the dangers Ron warned about was relying too heavily on your “superstars”, whether that’s you or someone else on your team. It can be an easy trap to fall into to allow your star employees to outshine everyone else. By ensuring that your systems and processes are in place and working, you can make it easier for everyone across your organization to achieve the same consistent results.

Ron Alvesteffer is a visionary business leader whose focus on empowering employees has been instrumental in the success of Service Express. I strongly urge you to listen to this week’s podcast episode and listen to the wisdom that Ron generously shared.

To learn more about Ron Alvesteffer and the legendary Culture at Service Express, please visit their website at https://serviceexpress.com . And for more informative Elite Entrepreneurs podcast episodes like this one, check out our episode library at https://growwithelite.com/podcast/.

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