Schedule for Success

“How do I help build my business when every waking hour is used up just keeping it going?”

We know what it feels like to have too much to do and be in demand on every front of your business growth. And though it sounds crazy what we are about to suggest, it will make all the difference. You need to schedule more time to meet with your team and not with your customers if you are going to take care of 10x the number of customers you have today. Trust us, and the thousands of successful 8 figure business owners have already learned this lesson, well run meetings regularly scheduled are the only way to keep your team aligned and working together to achieve amazing growth without losing your mind.

This is a simple calendar with a few key meetings that are needed to help you focus on both working “on” your business and working “in” your business. You can both build the future and deliver on customer demands today if you plan it in and do it with your team.

To learn more how to run each meeting effectively, come and join our community or reach out and schedule time with one of our coaches.