Small business consulting services: 
get a Predictable Way to Quell the Chaos

Let’s face it: You didn’t arrive here to get business coaching.
You came here to grow your business and to do it with less insanity.

You may recognize some of these comments from our customers before they started working with us:

“I cannot believe he said that to one of my customers!”
“Why don’t people follow the simple steps I’ve created?”
“I have worked way too long and way too hard for this many years to not be able to enjoy some free time. What am I doing wrong?”
“Why is it that I see other people taking the next step in business, and I have been stuck at the same place for 4 straight years?”
“Are employees really this stupid or is this my fault somehow?”
“When I worked for someone else, I thought like an owner, why can’t my employees?”
“I am working harder than ever for less money than I used to make. What am I doing wrong?”

When we are ready to get off the crazy merry-go-round in our businesses, we ALL start to look for a solution …

‘It Has Already Cost Me a Fortune Not to Fix It’

Here are the kinds of questions we ask:


“Surely, I am not the first person to run into this problem. I just need to learn what they learned fast.”


“Others who are not half as smart as I am have figured out how to move forward and I will, too.” 


“It would be worth a lot of money to solve this issue…it has already cost me a fortune not to fix it.”

So naturally we turn to others who have made it to the next level. We look for mentors. We hire a business coach.

What You Should Hate About Business Coaches

Not all business coaching is created equally.

There are a few things I really hate about it. Here’s a list of what you should hate about business coaching too:

“It’s 6-12 month contracts for business coaching when I don’t even know if they can help me.”
“It’s a $10,000 to $100,000 commitment that could either make me 2 million dollars or just cost me $10,000 to $100,000 to learn the lesson to not be a sucker again. I could just pay $200 dollars to a local con artist and learn the same thing.”
“The business coaching and advice given really doesn’t align with who I am as a person. Do I have to be a jerk to succeed?”
“I might waste 3 months with the business coach before I realize that they are nothing more than a life coach or ‘business therapist’. I don’t need someone to empathize with me, I need to make progress!”
“I signed onto a contract and spent my time only to find out that all of their successful business coaching engagements had a similar problem…that wasn’t similar to mine.”
“I meet with my coach for 1 hour and I am buried by the number of things I have to do before our next meeting. I need help finding more time without losing it.”

The list could go on and on.… So what should you look for in a business consultant?


You are hitting one of your 7-figure revenue ceilings and want to blow past them without slowing down …


You want to grow to 8-figures and beyond and do it in a way that helps your whole team grow.

Note: This is not for those who are 8-figure business owners OR for are solopreneurs wanting only half a million in revenue … or for infopreneurs and professionals who want to leverage their skills online and reach success with only 2 or 3 employees. We are interested in working with those who see growing a team as essential to delivering on their business model.

These criteria are for serious 7-figure business owners who want to grow to 8-figures and beyond…while helping your whole team grow.

Business consulting should be centered around a proven methodology to help businesses at your stage of business. If you are at 7 figures or rapidly approaching that milestone (will hit it within the next 6 months) AND you want to at the minimum double or triple in size in the next few years, you are in the right place.

Business consulting needs to be in line with some of your fundamental values as the business owner. If you care about making a difference in the world or in the life of your employees and consider financial success as the means to buy the time and financial freedom needed to live your dream…you are going to love what we have created to help you do just that.

Business consulting alone will not get you the success you desire. So we created a system that does work. It has helped hundreds of 7 figure business owners grow their business without losing their minds.

That’s why we have combined focused business consulting with best-in-class training of our methodology so your whole team can benefit and grow with you.

We also pull together fellow business owners on the journey with you so you can learn from each other and accelerate your growth and network. Come and experience the first step on the journey to help you build the business and team that will take you to the next level…we call it Elite Ignition.

Bottom Line: The business design that got you here
won’t solve your current problems …

Just as the challenges faced by $1M+ entrepreneurs like you are predictable, the changes you need to make are predictable, too. And the really good news: Anyone who got this far in their business can make the next leap. Elite Ignition can show you how.

The Solution: The Elite Growth Method

A smart business design gives you more time, reduces the amount of effort required of you, makes team-building easier, and makes achieving your business goals a reality. The problem is not that you or your team are not working hard enough; it’s that you have a huge opportunity to design it to work much more effectively and produce a bigger bang for the buck.

Using the Elite Business Growth Method, you’ll create:


Powerful team alignment so the entire team will have a greater impact on the business


Higher individual productivity as employees will more clearly know what’s expected of them and you will know exactly how their efforts will strengthen your business results


Stronger profit margins as you reduce unnecessary costs, avoid the high cost of bad hires, and bring in more revenue.


Elite Ignition is delivered remotely over 4 weeks. You will have access to:

What You Get...

Four, 2-hour live online sessions over 4 weeks: Learn the Elite Growth Method to maximize your productivity and stability. Get live, personalized help workshopping and integrating the tools into your business.

(BONUS) We know you need help to create lasting change, so you’ll get 4 additional seats. Bring along your leadership team!

(BONUS) We also know that optimal results are achieved when you commit to the ongoing implementation of this work. So we include 6 private coaching calls!

Here are what other business owners who have “conquered the chaos” have said about working with us:

‘Saved Us 10 Years and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars’

“Our investment in the Elite was hands-down the best money we have ever spent on our business. It literally saved us ten years and hundreds of thousands of dollars by exposing the on-ramp to the super-highway of business growth.

Since going through the program, our yearly revenue has expanded by 15 times! Even in the pandemic of 2020, we saw a $7 million increase in sales over the prior year thanks to the methods taught at Elite.

Thank you Brett and Team Elite for making your expertise and experience available to driven entrepreneurs who believe enough in their businesses to make the financial commitment to join. We are so blessed to have been a part of this program, and are so proud to be part of the Elite Family.”

Eric Sparrow, CEO, Milkhouse Creamery, Inc.

‘She was Ready to Sell Her Company–But Now Loves Her Company Again’

“I was almost to the point that I wanted to sell my company and be done. I didn’t like being a CEO… Once I got into Elite Ignition, right away I could tell it was fantastically different than the other programs I had been in before. It was like ‘yeah, this is the way I’m going to grow to a multimillion-dollar, hundred million dollar business.’ I have big dreams, big things I want to accomplish, and I need the right tools. And I have been given the right tools.”

Rebecca Keller, CEO of Gravitas Publications Inc.

From Chaotic and Stuck to Aligned, Efficient and Profitable

“Elite Entrepreneurs has completely revamped our business. The tools and guidance we have received from Elite Entrepreneurs has helped our business tremendously. We are more aligned, more efficient and more profitable. There were other factors that have gone into our success (someone has to do the work) but Elite Entrepreneurs was the start we needed.

Personally, I have grown as a leader. Being able to grow and develop as a leader is the ONLY way our business and our team will be able to continue to grow. I’ve learned how to: 1. Prioritize what really matters in my life (i.e. get my personal life back); 2. Utilize and trust my team more than I have before; 3. Learn, Develop & Grow.”

Bill Harney, CEO, Keeping Current Matters, Richmond, VA

Revenue Before: $1M
Revenue After: $3M

Let’s work together and grow your 7-figure business to new heights