Elite Access

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An online membership to help you get clarity for your business’s future, create a plan to get there and build the team to make it happen.

Not ready for or can’t attend one of our live events?  Elite Access is the perfect way for you to begin getting the benefits of Elite Ignition until you are ready to fully commit and accelerate your growth.

Learn from Someone Who Has Been Where You Want to Go

You’ve scraped and clawed your way to $1M+ in revenue (or are still trying to get there).  Now you are experiencing new challenges and discovering that the old tricks aren’t working at this stage of business, and it’s overwhelming you. 

Most 7-figure business owners get stuck because they are trying to solve 7-figure challenges (unclear vision, leadership and hiring problems) with 6-figure solutions (better marketing and increased sales).

If you don’t figure out what to do soon, you risk sliding backwards in revenue or even going out of business altogether with great personal expense to you (financial devastation, problems with physical, mental and/or emotional health, strained or broken relationships, etc.).

“We have a very different business to the business we had pre-ignition.”

Ken Kelly

Counseling Tutor

“It was, by a million miles, the most influential business education experience of my life. I was in desperate need to learn how to lead a team and how to cultivate a culture and grow our company the right way. I left your building inspired and excited, with the necessary tools to take our business to the next level.”

Craig Colling
Paramount Financial Services

Proven, Self-Paced online training to Help You Grow

You are not alone… Not only have we been through these same struggles ourselves, but we’ve worked with hundreds of business owners like you and know the reasons you are getting stuck.

If you don’t have the time this month to engage with our team to lay the foundation for your future growth at Elite Ignition but you feel the need to make that progress, then Elite Access is the perfect way for you to get started.

Our Elite Access online membership includes activities designed to help you apply growth principles in your business along with real-life examples you can leverage to grow your 7-figure business without going crazy. This online business training has transformed businesses like yours into multi-million dollar companies with capable and confident leaders.

Through the Elite Access online membership, we provide you with:

Videos to introduce and explain each 7-figure principle
Content that emphasizes the principles explained in each video
Activities to help you get started in applying the 7-figure principles in your business
Real life examples of each of the 7-figure principles for you to leverage as you grow

These resources are designed to help you:

Get Really Clear About Where You Want to Go

Create a Plan to Get There

Build the Team to Make It Happen


While the online business training is designed for you to access and use it at your own pace, anywhere or anytime, Elite Access members have the added benefit of being able to call into monthly Open Office Hours if you have questions or are getting stuck.

Hear what Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft, has to say about the proven tools and methods that we share not only in our Elite live events but also in Elite Access.

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners like you learn what it takes to grow their 7-figure businesses.


We often hear stories of doubling, tripling or even QUADRUPLING in revenue within a few years of attending Elite Ignition.

Here are just a few examples:

“Both Kathy (my wife and our CEO) and I (our COO) now feel like true leaders. We used to spend most of our time working IN the business. Today, we focus on empowering our team to be the best versions of themselves so that our company can become the best version of itself. Knowing this, we were able to take our two young daughters to Europe for a month while our team ran the business—and everything went perfectly! That’s just one example of the freedom we now have in our lives: freedom of time, but even more importantly, peace of mind.”

Rich Fettke
Real Wealth Network

“Both employees we needed to remove have been done! Huge relief here! We have so much good things to share. I just need a spare moment to share them. We have had an absolute blast revamping and creating our future culture. So excited about the changes and the direction. Using the strategy methods have been amazing for us! I have no idea how we’ve been so successful before; however, being this organized and focused is going to absolutely allow us to explode!”

Healthcare Software Company

“We knew we were doing well and growing before the Elite content, but there were so many gaps in our knowledge when it came to figuring out exactly how to grow – how to get to the next level. We didn’t know how to use what we knew about our existing culture or team members to attract more like them. We lacked a clear vision of where exactly the company could go. Learning the Elite way solved this for us!”

Stephanie Holmes-Winton
CEO of The Money Finder

“Personally, I have grown as a leader. Being able to grow and develop as a leader is the ONLY way our business and our team will be able to continue to grow. I’ve learned how to:
1. Prioritize what really matters in my life (i.e. get my personal life back)
2. Utilize and trust my team more than I have before
3. Learn, Develop & Grow”

Bill Harney
Keeping Current Matters

Take the First Steps

Why spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars and 10,000 hours of mastery to figure it out for yourself, when you can benefit from what we learned as we grew a business from 7 figures to $100M+?

Extremely low risk for the amount of value contained in the membership site. Even one idea from the material can save you tens of thousands of dollars, providing a generous ROI on your modest investment.

Do yourself a favor and sign up today. You can cancel at any time.

Elite Access

Monthly Membership


  • Access to key 7-figure growth principles
  • Simple activities to help you implement
  • Real life examples you can easily leverage
  • Proven timeline for doing the work
  • Anytime, anywhere access to Elite content
  • Monthly Group Business Coaching to help you implement what you learned
  • Private Facebook Group for questions and sharing
  • Preferred pricing on live workshops

Elite Access

Annual Membership


  • Access to key 7-figure growth principles
  • Simple activities to help you implement
  • Real life examples you can easily leverage
  • Proven timeline for doing the work
  • Anytime, anywhere access to Elite content
  • Monthly Group Business Coaching to help you implement what you learned
  • Private Facebook Group for questions and sharing
  • Preferred pricing on live workshops
  • Get 12 months for the price of 10 months!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest a year upfront?
While implementation timelines may vary, most companies will spend at least a year working on the materials we provide.
How do I know if this is right for me?

If you are a 7 figure business owner or nearing 7 figures and looking to overcome hiring challenges, employees not owning their roles, employee gossip, feeling like the world is on your shoulders as the owner, not having a clear plan to grow, or stalling in your growth, then Elite Access is right for you.

Additionally, if you are looking to get in the mindset of the 7 figure business owner, then this is a great resource for you to begin practicing that thought process.

If you can’t attend a Live Elite Ignition, going through our Elite Access online membership is a great solution until you get to the live event. It can provide you with the curriculum at Elite Ignition and get you started NOW rather than waiting until you can come.

What if I eventually attend the Live Elite Ignition?

If you choose to attend the Live event Elite Ignition, we will apply your payment for your Elite Access online membership to the total cost of your Elite Ignition seats.

Does Elite Access require me to travel?
No. Elite Access is an online only membership where you can learn at your own pace.
How many users can I get?
You get 1 user membership. It is not based on users, it is based on the company.
How long will it take me to get through the materials?

Although it is self-paced, we have a recommended timeline that has come through our own trial and error. The curriculum cannot be adequately digested in your business in a marathon download of it. It will take time to create and implement. We want to help you along the journey with the tools we provide and the group business coaching calls for you to ask questions. 

What is Group Business Coaching?

Group Business Coaching will be with the CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs, Brett Gilliland. He is not only the co-founder of this content, he is also a practitioner and has coached successfully 100s of business owners like you. You will be able to attend these as part of your Elite Access membership and ask your questions to see how you can improve your work and ensure success in your business.

What if I want to cancel?
We are not here to force you to implement the tools that will make you grow. If you feel like you are simply not ready to grow and scale your business like our customers have, then you can cancel at any time.
What are the differences between Elite Access and Elite Ignition?

Elite Access is an online membership to the Elite Ignition content and Elite Ignition is a one month long live boot camp where we teach you the methods and tools from a practitioner’s standpoint and give you and your whole team together private business coaching to help you implement what you are learning.