Stuck at 7-figures? Double your business with this one principle.

Congratulations! Your Business Is Succeeding–and Now You’re Stuck

(Exactly Where You Should Be)


Why getting stuck at a business plateau is a sign of success (even though it’s uncomfortable now)


Why you’re at a predictable place that the best entrepreneurs have all reached


Why the solutions are equally predictable to growing again

Starting a business was not easy. You put a lot at risk, your income, your relationships, your sanity, maybe even your health. But it started to pay off. Customers are buying. With the help of your team, you are able to deliver on their expectations, bills are getting paid, and your in-laws don’t think you are crazy for quitting your “real job” anymore. Even if at times it seems like a herculean effort to keep all of the balls in the air at the same time, starting this business and growing it proved to be a good decision. You know this business could be so much more and you have witnessed it grow well in the past but now it is like the formula for success isn’t working anymore.

The additional time in sales and marketing only seems to surface the problems in operations. When you dive in to fix the operations issues and feel like you finally have them under control, sales seem to drop off. You are already working late nights and even weekends but it seems like you are not getting ahead. You’re working from 5-9 just to fix the issues your team caused or failed to fix from 9-5. Did the rules of the game change? Why isn’t it working? You might ask yourself “What am I doing wrong?” “Maybe I am not the right person to take my business to the next level?” 

We have heard this a lot from new members joining the Elite community…and I want you to know that you have not done something wrong. In fact, you have succeeded to this point. You conquered the challenges that exist for the stage of business that you were at. But now you have moved to the next stage. Each of our members go through these same growth plateaus but they don’t sit there for long.

One of the members of our community, who owns a marketing agency that had little to no growth over the previous 5 years said “Elite Entrepreneurs brings amazing training and clarity to what it takes to make your business go from the 7 to 8 figure level, and beyond. I love that these are tried and true strategies, implemented to grow the software company infusionsoft, that I can utilize. I like that the training is comprehensive and simple to use in your business. Implementing this system has allowed us to double our business over the last 2 years and hit the INC 5000 list of top growing businesses. I highly recommend Elite Entrepreneurs for any business owner that is serious about taking their business to a new level.”

…What??? Did he say he doubled his business in 2 years?…and that was after being stuck for 5. We don’t have to wait that long to get unstuck and grow again. There are predictable stages that each business faces as they grow which are related to the size of the team that they are leading. There are just too many people to lead and if you organize them the same way you did when you were smaller costs go up, efficiencies go down, headache increases right along with the problems that so many team members working together seems to create. 

It is your success that has brought you to this point…but to succeed at this stage of business you have to master some new skills. Marshall Goldsmith captured it well in the title of his book “What got you here won’t get you there.” This is the principle I promised to share. “What got you here won’t get you there” or in other words the formula for success at this next stage is different than the formula for success at the last stage. There are new complexities and challenges that you have to overcome. But just like the challenges are predictable at each stage, so are the solutions. 

At Elite Entrepreneurs we have grown through these same stages of business and helped hundreds of others to do the same. There is a proven path but you have to be willing to learn the keys to success at this new stage and be willing to make those changes. So here is the invitation. Sign up to receive another video from me that will teach you the 2 rarely recognized secretes every 100 million dollar business owner embraces but few 1 Million dollar business owners do to double your business.