Episode 8: S2| Scaling Success: The Seven Figure Journey with Jeffery Boyle

The Secrets to Scaling Small Businesses: Insights from Jeffrey Boyle, CEO of Bimodo


Welcome to another insightful episode of the Seven Figure Journey podcast. I’m Brett Gilliland, and today we have Jeffrey Boyle, CEO of Bimodo, a marketing powerhouse known for propelling businesses to new heights. Jeffrey shares his journey, expertise, and the pivotal lessons he’s learned from building and leading successful enterprises.

From Costa Rica to Marketing Mastery


Jeffrey Boyle’s entrepreneurial journey took a transformative turn while living in Costa Rica. After selling his previous business, he felt the itch to dive back into the world of e-commerce. Recognizing the importance of visibility for small businesses, he ventured into the realm of artificial intelligence to improve promotional strategies. This led to the birth of Bimodo, a company that now specializes in creating comprehensive content and sales systems for small businesses. With a team of about ten people spread across the globe, Bimodo focuses on turning contacts into contracts and scaling businesses effectively.

Learning from Big Business to Empower Small Enterprises


Jeffrey’s background includes working with enterprise clients and managing billion-dollar accounts. This experience provided him with deep insights into creating efficient sales systems. He emphasizes that successful sales strategies hinge on purposeful effort, not hope. By applying rigorous discipline and great messaging, small businesses can achieve significant growth without heavy investments.

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Scaling with Systems and the Right People


One of Jeffrey’s key strategies is to set up scalable systems from the outset. This approach ensures that as business grows, the infrastructure can handle the influx of clients seamlessly. He highlights the importance of hiring skilled individuals who can take over aspects of the business, allowing him to focus on strategic growth. Jeffrey’s goal is to work smarter, not harder, striving for a balance where he can enjoy life while running a successful business.

Embracing Team Ideas and Emotional Intelligence


A crucial element in Jeffrey’s leadership is fostering a culture where team members feel empowered to share ideas. By actively listening and encouraging contributions, Jeffrey has seen some of the best innovations come from his team. He stresses the importance of understanding the emotions and motivations of both clients and employees. Regular communication and genuine engagement are key to building a cohesive and motivated team.

Overcoming Challenges and Continuous Improvement


Even with a well-oiled system, challenges persist. Jeffrey discusses the importance of adapting and refining strategies to maximize lead engagement and conversion. He also emphasizes the necessity of recognizing and addressing issues promptly, whether it’s underperformance or misalignment with team members. His approach combines setting high expectations with empathetic leadership, ensuring that everyone is aligned with the company’s goals.



Jeffrey Boyle’s journey with Bimodo underscores the importance of disciplined sales strategies, scalable systems, and emotionally intelligent leadership. By focusing on great messaging, empowering teams, and understanding client needs, small businesses can achieve remarkable growth. Jeffrey’s insights provide valuable lessons for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses effectively and sustainably.


About Jeffrey Boyle

Jeffrey Boyle is a seasoned entrepreneur and business strategist with over two decades of experience in driving business growth and innovation. As the founder of several successful companies, he excels in leadership, market dynamics, and strategic planning. Jeffrey is also a dynamic speaker and mentor who empowers business leaders and teams with actionable insights and practical advice. His extensive background in business administration and hands-on industry experience make him a sought-after consultant for organizations aiming to enhance their competitive edge and achieve sustainable success.



Contact Jeffrey Boyle:

  • Company Website: go.bemodo.ai
  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jefferyboyle/

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