Episode 5:

Morty Hodge is the Founder and CEO of Atlanta Compressor, a company that sells, installs and services industrial-sized compressed-air systems. Morty started his business in 2010 in Atlanta and has since become a true expert in growing his business to the next level, opening new locations in Nashville (Nashville Compressor), Charlotte (Charlotte Compressor), and, most recently in Detroit (Detroit Compressor). Morty’s company consists of nearly thirty team members across all four locations, and by the end of the year, Morty anticipates that his business will do more than $6 million in revenue.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How Morty moved beyond the early “caveman-era” of his business after reaching the multi-year plateau of $1 million in revenue
  • Why Morty himself became the bottleneck of his business, and why he realized that having everything filter through him was holding the company back
  • Why his brother-in-law’s suggestion that Morty read “The E-Myth” by Michael E. Gerber changed his outlook on leadership
  • What steps Morty took to stop micromanaging the business, hire the right team members, and grow his revenue beyond the $1 million plateau
  • Why setting and adhering to a company Vision was a critical step, and how Morty brought in the entire team to develop that Vision
  • Why “providing peace of mind” has been a unifying purpose for Morty and his team, and how they reflect that Purpose every day
  • Why defining their Purpose, Values, and Mission, setting clear goals, and hiring “talent rockstars” helped the company break through the $1 million revenue ceiling
  • Why the company’s Vision and culture allowed Morty and his team to attract top industry talent
  • Why leadership development was a key component allowing the company to grow to the next level
  • Why the business created a company Audible account to give everyone in the company an opportunity to access personal growth resources


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