Episode 1: Elite Entrepreneur 7 Figure Journey Podcast




In this episode of the Seven Figure Journey podcast, host Brett Gilliland welcomes Grant and Erin Stahla, co-owners of Stela Services, a unique company providing upscale portable restroom facilities across multiple states in the U.S. The business, which began with Grant and later saw Erin join after they married, offers specialized trailers such as restroom, shower, and handicap-accessible units for events, disaster relief, and corporate remodels. The couple delves into the origins and growth of their business, reflecting on the entrepreneurial spirit inherited from their families and their educational experiences at the University of Nebraska. As they discuss their journey of scaling from one to sixty trailers, they highlight key growth strategies, focusing on utilization and service rather than mere asset accumulation. They also share insights into the challenges of hiring and team management in a dynamic business environment, emphasizing the importance of vision and strategic resource allocation to drive future growth. The episode not only showcases their professional endeavors but also touches on their personal philosophy of prioritizing faith, marriage, and then business, which has guided their approach to building a successful and sustainable enterprise.


About Erin & Glen Stehla:

Grant and Erin Stahla co-own Stela Services, a company that provides upscale portable restroom facilities across multiple U.S. states. Their business, which originated from Grant’s entrepreneurial spirit during college, has grown significantly, now boasting a fleet of 60 specialty trailers for events, disaster relief, and corporate remodels. The couple emphasizes strategic growth, team management, and maintaining a clear vision, underpinned by their priorities of faith, marriage, and business.


About Stahla Services

Stahla Services, owned by Grant and Erin Stahla, offers upscale portable restroom facilities, including restroom, shower, and handicap-accessible trailers. Based in Nebraska and serving multiple states, the company caters to a variety of needs from large events and disaster relief to corporate remodels. Their business emphasizes high-quality service, strategic growth, and adaptability in its operations.


Elite Entrepreneurs Podcast

If you’re one of the 3-5% of entrepreneurs that’s grown their business to seven figures in revenue, congratulations! You are an ELITE entrepreneur. Few people can say they’ve accomplished what you have. I’m sure that success hasn’t stopped you from wondering: What’s the next step?

Getting from six to seven figures is a commendable and extremely difficult feat, but it’s not smooth sailing after you clear the $1 million mark. If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, you’re probably encountering a host of new problems you’ve never fought through before. Leadership changes, vision changes, and you might find yourself wearing ten hats in a given day. That climb up to $10 million seems insurmountable, right?

Welcome Brett Gilliland, your host of the Elite Entrepreneurs podcast. Brett Gilliland is Founder and CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs, a company that specializes in giving $1M+ business owners the knowledge, processes and tools to grow to $10M and beyond. Brett is an expert in organization development, leadership and strategy and spent 10 years helping Infusionsoft grow from $7M in revenue to over $100M. Brett was involved in the foundational work of Purpose, Values and Mission at Infusionsoft and facilitated the strategic planning process for many years.


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