Episode 6:

Bill Harney is the CEO at Keeping Current Matters, a fast-growing educational content provider that’s changing the way real estate advisors educate and serve their clients. After taking over for his father in 2014, he’s led the team at KCM as it scaled from a small 5-person firm in a garage, to a 22-person team of aligned rock stars, all while growing revenue 600% in 5 years. Under his watch, KCM has been on the Inc. 5000 list the last two years, recognized as a 3-time Top 30 Great Small Workplace in America, and one of the Best and Brightest workplaces in the country. Today, Bill leads the strategic direction at KCM and works with his senior leaders to not only scale the business at KCM, but more importantly scale the talent-magnet-culture as well.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How Keeping Current Matters has experienced 600% growth over the period of five and a half years that Bill has been in charge
  • Why Bill’s father founded the company in 2006 in anticipation of a likely real estate market collapse (which did take place in 2008)
  • How Bill and the early team at Keeping Current Matters established their strong Purpose, Values and Mission, and why consistency and intentionality were key
  • What Keeping Current Matters’s six Core Values are, why those particular Values were chosen, and how they help to steer the company towards its success
  • What culture awards and recognitions Keeping Current Matters has received in honor of their stellar culture and great work environment
  • Why Bill believes every business should apply for a Great Place to Work certification, and what companies can learn about themselves from the process
  • How the organization’s Purpose, Values and Mission have changed the way they conduct their hiring and onboarding processes
  • How applicants are interviewed by multiple team members who are hiring for a Values fit, and what strong onboarding tools the team uses to bring new employees in
  • How the onboarding process at Keeping Current Matters allows new team members the tools, resources and relationships they need to succeed from day one
  • Why Bill’s team has developed a unique process of offering a month’s pay as a “bribe to quit” at the end of a new employee’s two-week evaluation period


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