Episode 121:

After a horrific car accident in 2005, Tyler was motivated to forge his own path in life and find a way to create wealth. Years later, Tyler owns two online lead generation companies generating eight figures in revenue annually.

Tyler has been in the industry for over 15 years and has a wide range of experience. From sending millions of emails a day to running ads on Google, Facebook, and other display placements to owning/managing offers.

Even though Tyler has admittedly an extremely limited technical skill set, he excels by developing strategy, creating relationships, uncovering opportunities, and building/managing teams that execute on his vision.

Tyler also co-hosts a podcast called 7 Figure Entrepreneur. Between his own experience and that of other industry leaders that get interviewed, he takes his listeners behind the scenes of how to successfully build and grow a million-dollar online business.

What You Will Learn in this episode:

  • How Tyler has built a business that generated nearly 30 million
  • Why you need to change your business operations every time your business doubles
  • Why you shouldn’t hire people that you like
  • What is the skill vs will matrix
  • What you should hire B type employees
  • What is the downside of having a fully remote company
  • How to foster a great work culture with a fully remote team
  • When should you outsource work or bring in external talent


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