Episode 24: S2| Synchronizing Beats and Bytes: Alex Tarrand’s Journey to Revolutionizing Game Music Integration


Welcome to a transformative journey into the world of gaming and music integration, where innovation meets practical application. Today, we spotlight Alex Tarrand, the ingenious founder of Stinger, who has carved a niche at the intersection of these two vibrant worlds. This blog explores the groundbreaking strategies and personal anecdotes behind Stinger’s rise to prominence.


Strategy and Milestones


Starting with a solid background in tech and gaming development for giants like Electronic Arts and Disney, Alex, alongside his musically adept business partner, identified a unique opportunity—integrating music seamlessly into gaming platforms. Their startup journey was fueled by a robust seed funding round, involving major players from the music industry. As Stinger grew, strategic shifts were essential, from adopting a lean startup model to scaling up operations and technology to meet growing B2B demands.

Personal Anecdotes


Alex shares insights into the company’s dynamic pivot from focusing on individual game developers to partnering with large gaming platforms, transforming Stinger into a key player in the music licensing arena. This evolution wasn’t just about business growth but also about adapting to the intricate needs of their partners and the market.

Business Operations and Leadership


Under Alex’s leadership, Stinger has navigated the complex terrain of music rights and built a technology platform that simplifies access to licensed music for game developers. He emphasizes the importance of staying agile, highlighting how resilience and adaptability have been crucial in their entrepreneurial journey.



As we’ve seen, Stinger’s journey is not just a story of business growth, but a narrative of constant adaptation and innovation. For those on the brink of their entrepreneurial journey or looking to scale their business, consider how Stinger’s strategies can inspire your path. Share your thoughts and join the conversation below to discuss how these insights can be applied in your industry.

About Alex Tarrand


Alex Terrand is a dynamic leader with a strong background in product development and marketing. With a career marked by leadership roles at top firms like Mobilityware, NFL, Disney, Microsoft XBOX, and Electronic Arts, Alex has a proven track record of building and managing effective teams across live operations, product development, and marketing. Currently serving as the Vice President of Product Marketing at Jump Ramp Games, he is responsible for overseeing customer relationship management, live video streaming, and customer service.


For more information or to connect with Alex, visit Stinger’s website or follow them on social media.

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