Episode 76:

The Curse of Knowledge


What You Will Learn:

  • Which key three leadership responsibilities are crucial for getting you past the $3 million revenue plateau, and why each helps in making the transition from entrepreneur to CEO
  • Why sharing your Vision with your team isn’t a one-and-done box to check but an ongoing responsibility in every interaction the leader has
  • How the book “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die” by Chip and Dan Heath can be a powerful resource for improving communication effectiveness
  • Why the Curse of Knowledge means we often make incorrect assumptions that people understand what we’re trying to communicate to them
  • How the Heath brothers outlined six key principles that can help you communicate clearly and effectively, and what those principles are
  • How communicating effectively and in a “sticky” way is vital for setting the Vision and leading others toward that Vision
  • How Gamestop’s stock battle between the short-selling hedge funds and retail investors illustrates an important lesson on power, control, and coordination
  • How setting the Vision is about taking coordinated action as one team and ensuring that everyone is clear on the objective and aligned in execution
  • Why developing your leadership skills is instrumental in your journey from entrepreneur to CEO, and how the best leaders build the best businesses

About Brett Gilliland

Brett Gilliland is Founder and CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs, a company that specializes in giving $1M+ business owners the knowledge, processes, and tools to grow to $10M and beyond. Brett is an expert in organization development, leadership, and strategy and spent 10 years helping Infusionsoft grow from $7M in revenue to over $100M. Brett was involved in the foundational work of Purpose, Values, and Mission at Infusionsoft and facilitated the strategic planning process for many years.

One of Brett’s favorite professional accomplishments is co-creating Infusionsoft’s Elite Forum along with Clate Mask and building the Elite business inside of Infusionsoft. As the leader of the Elite business, Brett has helped hundreds of struggling seven-figure business owners overcome their biggest challenges and achieve new levels of success. He also played a central role in the development of Infusionsoft’s Leadership Model and was serving as the VP of Leadership Development when the decision was made to spin the Elite business out of Infusionsoft. As the new owner of Elite Entrepreneurs, Brett can’t think of anything else he’d rather be doing professionally. When Brett isn’t busy helping $1M+ businesses succeed, he is a family man who enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Sharon, and their 8 children.


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