Episode 15: S2| Scaling Your Business with Strategic Book Creation




In today’s competitive business landscape, finding innovative ways to scale and generate leads is essential. One unique approach is utilizing books as strategic tools. Stuart, the visionary behind 90 Minute Books, shared his valuable insights on this topic during a recent episode of the Seven Figure Journey podcast. His company specializes in creating books that serve as powerful lead-generation tools, transforming traditional publishing concepts into strategic business advantages.


Strategic Approach to Book Creation


Stuart’s philosophy revolves around using books not just for reading but as a means to engage and convert potential clients. 90 Minute Books harnesses this concept by producing high-impact books designed to initiate valuable conversations rather than just sell copies. Stuart explained that this method shifts the focus from quantity to quality, aiming to attract leads through compelling content tailored to the specific needs of the target audience.



Building a Remote Team


Leadership in a remote setting has been a significant aspect of Stuart’s business operations. He shared how he managed to build and maintain a productive team remotely, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and established authority. These practices have enabled his team members to thrive and contributed to the company’s overall efficiency and success.

Personal Anecdotes and Business Insights


Throughout the podcast, Stuart provided personal anecdotes that highlighted his entrepreneurial journey. From his initial struggles with establishing authority from abroad to innovative solutions for book production akin to his experiences importing a car from Japan, Stuart’s stories illustrate the complexities and triumphs of his business operations.

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Key Business Strategies


Stuart’s strategy involves an intimate understanding of the target market, addressing their needs through precisely tailored content. The company simplifies the book creation process for business owners by turning a short recording session into a professionally edited and designed book that speaks directly to potential clients.


Conclusion and Call to Action


Adopting Stuart’s innovative approach could be a game-changer for business owners looking to enhance their lead generation and market presence. For those interested in transforming their business strategy with a custom book, visit 90 Minute Books to explore the potential of this innovative service.


About Stuart


Stuart, originally from the UK, has leveraged his extensive background in project management and digital marketing to create a niche in the book publishing industry focused on lead generation. His company, 90 Minute Books, is based on the philosophy that books should serve as a bridge to connect authors with their target audience directly and effectively.

Contact Information


For more insights or to get in touch with Stuart, visit

Website: https://www.90minutebooks.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mrstuartbell/


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