Episode 45:

Rajeev Gupta is Founder and CTO of Avankia LLC, which he led to rank among the “Inc. 500” Fastest-Growing Private Companies in 2008. As CEO of DBSync, Rajeev has led the strategic emphasis on the integration space, while also ensuring alignment between customer needs and product development. He has extensive experience with application architecture and on-demand computing. He earned his MBA from Owen School of Management, Vanderbilt University.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How working at and growing a startup business taught Rajeev more than obtaining his MBA degree
  • How Rajeev’s company DBSync started as a successful product before spinning out of Salesforce into its own thriving organization
  • What important lessons Rajeev learned about growing a business, and what key challenges he faced on the way
  • Why, at the seven-figure mark, problems were popping up faster than Rajeev and his team could knock them back down
  • Why Rajeev and his team decided to “go deep and win” with their strategy rather than targeting everyone and “go broad”
  • How the DBSync team isolated three top Key Performance Indicators and then divided everything down into those metrics
  • Why your team must always be evolving, learning and growing to keep pace with the growth of the company as a whole
  • How establishing and living by a Values system became a cornerstone of DBSync’s success, and what their Values are and why they chose them
  • What advice Rajeev would offer to business owners struggling to navigate the crisis of the global pandemic


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