Episode 96:

People Focused Leadership


What You Will Learn:

  • How The X Company’s business model works, and how they create residential “lifestyle experience” communities in the best urban locations at affordable prices
  • How Noah built his organization’s Culture with intentionality, and why he practices a very people focused leadership style dedicated to his employees’ success
  • How Noah is focused on differentiation from The X Company’s competitors and on ensuring that employees feel fulfilled by their work
  • Why clear communication around employees’ long term goals is crucial for giving them the career opportunities they are looking for
  • Why surrounding yourself with the right team frees you up to work ON the business rather than grinding IN the business
  • Why career growth in an organization begins with its leadership stepping away from tasks and allowing others to grow into them
  • How, as businesses mature, the team goes from being jacks-of-all-trades to specializing, and how a leader’s job is to adapt to this transition
  • Why it is important to ensure that your specialized teams aren’t operating in silos and that everyone understands the effect their work has on the organization as a whole
  • What growth challenges Noah and The X Company have faced, and what key lessons the team has learned through tackling those challenges
  • Why practicing people focused leadership by prioritizing your employees and dedicating resources to their success is a powerful way to build a highly effective team

About Noah Gottlieb:

As CEO, Noah is responsible for overseeing the growth and culture of The X Company, whose development pipeline currently spans seven markets, over $1B of construction activity, and some 10,000 beds.


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