Episode 19:

Nick Powills, CFE, founded No Limit Agency in 2008 and serves as chief brand strategist for the Chicago-based firm.

No Limit is a full-service communications agency that establishes and elevates brands by bridging public relations, social media, marketing, advertising, digital, and a lot of creativity to best strategize well-rounded and successful campaigns for more than a hundred global franchise brands. By presenting visionary ideas and building real relationships, No Limit is able to create effective media branding strategies to help companies grow.

Nick currently leads a staff of writers, media strategists, designers, social media experts, and digital producers in an office think-tank where brands are humanized for strong, compelling media stories.

Powills also founded 1851 Franchise and estatenvy, two content marketing publications and platforms.

Prior to starting No Limit at the age of twenty-seven, Nick spent three years working at a PR agency, where he mastered the art of building rapport with media outlets and creating newsworthy pitches for earned media placements. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Drake University in Iowa.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • Why Nick’s book, Sticks & Stones, took five years of challenge to write, and what benefit Nick has received from completing his effort
  • How Nick’s book demonstrates that being told you aren’t good enough or can’t do something can serve as a powerful motivation to help you achieve your goals
  • How Nick’s company, No Limit Agency, has managed the impressive feat of being on the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies six times
  • Why not investing in human resources, recruitment and company culture was a mistake Nick made and learned a valuable lesson from
  • What challenges Nick and his team faced as a company after crossing the $1 million in revenue mark, and how they worked to overcome those challenges
  • Why the business leadership is often at the core of the problems the company is facing, and why it falls to the business leader to make the necessary changes
  • Why it is important to understand that the level of employee commitment will vary throughout your company
  • How looking for small wins every day can help you overcome mindset obstacles that are holding your company back
  • What steps No Limit Agency has taken to help employees feel more engaged, fulfilled and appreciated for their work


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