Episode 36:

After over 20 years in the lawn care and snow removal industry, Mike Callahan created a turnkey solution that revolutionized his business and is now teaching the lessons he learned while growing his company. You do not have to reinvent the wheel with this proven system, which will save you time and money while allowing you to have a life outside your business.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How learning to automate his lawn care and landscaping business taught Mike key lessons that he adapted into a turnkey business solution
  • What new and unexpected challenges Mike’s business faced once it reached seven figures in revenue, and how they realized the importance of business culture
  • What changes the team made to create a powerful company culture that supported employees and the lifestyle they were looking for
  • How Mike integrated important knowledge he gained from being a part of the Elite Forum into a defining purpose and vision for the company’s culture
  • How “helping people create the lifestyle they want” became the central focus of the organization and became a driving force behind employee engagement
  • Why standardizing processes across the organization was instrumental in creating new business and scaling the company
  • Why understanding the company’s numbers and going over finances daily or weekly were the keys to scaling beyond $1 million
  • Why systematizing an intentional style of leadership into the company freed Mike up to be able to step away from his role as needed
  • Why the business-building and scaling work you must do is universal across all types of businesses and industries


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