Episode 8:

Meny Hoffman is the CEO of Ptex Group, an award-winning branding, marketing and business services agency headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. As a lifelong entrepreneur passionate about creating winning strategies that help growing businesses flourish, Meny has been successfully helping private label product brands grow and thrive since 2001, some of which have reached over 8 figures in sales. He is the founder of the Let’s Talk Business (LTB) platform, a movement to provide entrepreneurs with powerful tools needed to learn, grow and lead. Meny is a popular speaker who shares his strategies at regional corporations and conferences. He is a proud husband and lucky father of seven. To learn more, visit www.menyhoffman.com.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • Why it is important to transition from an entrepreneur to a business leader to further the growth of your business
  • Why Meny found it particularly challenging to relinquish control of aspects of his business through delegating work to others
  • Why even growing businesses need to be prepared to scale their strategies with their growth or risk failure
  • What activities and practices Meny follows that allow him and his team to continue to grow with their business
  • How Meny coaches and helps develop leaders within his organization, and how he structures his weekly activities
  • Why Meny considers himself to be the Chief Culture Officer at Ptex Group, and why culture is such a key focus of his work
  • How Meny defines a great culture, and how he brings the members of his team into alignment on their core values
  • What practical benefits a company can expect from dedicating time and energy to culture work


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