Episode 67:

Mastering Money as a Business Leader

What You Will Learn:

  • How Adam realized early on that he wanted to study money, and why part of his goal in mastering money is to truly understand every aspect of it
  • How Adam used real money in a game of Monopoly to teach his kids key money lessons, and how that became the foundation for his viral TEDx Talk
  • What advice Adam has to offer for seven-figure business owners about challenging conventional wisdom around money
  • Why Adam believes there are four legacies you can leave to future generations, and why the first is financial freedom
  • Why your income should do four things at all times: pay your expenses, eliminate debt, build wealth, and do good and have fun with it
  • How entrepreneurs can use Adam’s money methods to “become their own bank”, and why the process is easier than most people imagine
  • Why Adam is motivated to teach his kids the right way to handle money by his goal to create true generational wealth for his family
  • Adam gives an example of his “Shred Method” to look at money differently by utilizing a home equity line of credit
  • Why it is important to identify and understand your relationship to money before you can begin to change your behaviors
  • What methods Adam recommends for better understanding your money and where your existing beliefs originated from

Mastering Money as a Business Leader

Many if not most of us have a complicated relationship with our money. Understanding where our core beliefs about money came from is the key to changing how we relate to it… and can serve as a powerful catalyst for building wealth. In this episode of the Elite Entrepreneurs podcast, respected speaker and author Adam Carroll offers valuable insights on why many of the things we know to be true about money are completely wrong, and he provides strategies for creating a healthier relationship with money and how we see our income.

The Key to Mastering Money

Adam Carroll has dedicated his life to “mastering money” by understanding everything he can about how we relate to and interact with money. Adam says that many of us don’t fully understand money, in part because we’ve been taught certain “rules” by financial institutions that were designed to serve the banks, not us. Adam believes that our income should be doing four things at all times: paying our expenses, eliminating our debt, building wealth, and allowing us to do good and have fun. Adam says most people focus on the first and last points but miss the two important points in the middle. However, by thinking about our income and debt in a different way, we can completely change our fortunes. Adam says most people could be completely out of debt and financially independent in 3-7 years just by adjusting their money habits and behaviors.

Why Early Money Lessons Matter

Adam believes that the lessons we learn about money as children have a lifelong impact on our financial lives, and so he resolved himself to teach his kids about money in a way he himself hadn’t been taught. Adam played a game of Monopoly with his kids using real money to see if it made a difference in how they played, and that became the foundation for a viral TEDx Talk where Adam explained why we need to change our money mindset. As Adam explained during his visit with Elite Entrepreneurs, by equipping his kids with an early understanding of how money works, he believes that his kids will have a much stronger foundation for wealth building and mastering money, creating a generational change in his family. As entrepreneurs, many of us are motivated by the hope of securing our family’s financial future, and one of the most important actions we can take to do so is to have frank, clear discussions about money with our kids so that they are better equipped to manage their money as adults.

Mastering Money

About Adam Carroll

Adam Carroll is a sought after speaker, author, and seminar leader in the areas of personal development and personal finance. Adam’s TED talk at the London Business School has been viewed over 5 million times!

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