Episode 98:

A People-First Approach to Business Leadership


What You Will Learn:

  • What sets MKG Marketing apart, why they take a people-first approach, and how relationships are the cornerstone of their success
  • Kerry explains MKG Marketing’s people-first approach and shares how the company has grown and scaled over time
  • How relationships have helped the team grow as the organization has increased in scale, and what important Values lessons Kerry has learned on the journey
  • Why intentionality has been an important component of evolving MKG Marketing’s Values
  • How Kerry and her partner developed their benefits package, and why they switched from unlimited vacation time to 20 “use it or lose it” days
  • How MKG Marketing assesses culture and Values fit when interviewing and hiring new candidates
  • Why the MKG Marketing hiring process includes a 90-day trial period that serves as a two-way street for the organization and candidates to assess each other
  • How Kerry ensures that her team is focused and moving toward the same destination, and why “overcommunication” is crucial
  • Why a regular meeting cadence is instrumental in keeping everyone on the team aligned and informed about the organization’s work and priorities

About Kerry Guard:

Kerry Guard is the COO of MKG Marketing, a digital marketing agency of experts specializing in SEO, Digital Advertising, and Analytics. It’s Kerry’s mission to find the most elite experts in the industry who have 5+ years of experience. MKG Marketing is a flat organization by design. The clients work directly with the experts who develop the strategy and execute it. This minimizes miscommunication and work duplication.

Because MKG Marketing only hires experts, they are very selective. It takes a great deal of time and effort to find the best and keep the best. They provide flexible hours and work environments. They believe in 3 months of Maternity/Paternity leave. If a parent needs to drop everything to pick up a sick child from daycare, the team doesn’t think twice. Kerry is very proud of the team she has, and looks forward to continuing to grow and provide this life/work balance to more digital marketers.


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