Episode 106:

About Joshua Gillow, in his own words:

“Hello. I am Joshua Gillow, founder of YES Express! I have operated my own outdoor living & landscaping design/build company for 24 years. I loved the work and the satisfaction my team and I brought to clients’ lives.

But for many years, I struggled.

Like practically all of us in this business, I jumped at every lead. Someone called, and I’d make an appointment for an in-person consultation. Getting them to sign up was hit or miss. Sometimes, I felt “in the zone” and really did well on those in-person consults. Other times, I was off my game. Maybe there was traffic on the way there, or I had too many things to think about. Some clients threw me off track and the conversation just got lost. But that’s just the nature of the beast, right?

Guess what? That’s EXACTLY WRONG.

What ALL successful business owners know (at least those who have lives, and time and money freedom) is this secret: ONLY systems grant you the ability to successfully sell on the worst day of your life! You cannot rely on how you feel or whether the stars are aligned during the conversation. You cannot guess at what to say. That is a loser’s game. It’s the game ALL of us are playing. Stop.

Winners have the tools, systems, and resources they need to lead a client conversation from the first moment they contact you until they write the check. DELIVERING THAT SYSTEM IS WHAT YES EXPRESS IS ALL ABOUT.”

What You Will Learn:

  • What common growth problems entrepreneurs Joshua works with typically run into, and how growing your leadership skills and mindset is the key to overcoming those challenges
  • Why Joshua believes sales is about communicating from your clients’ perspective, and why he focuses his work exclusively on the outdoor living and landscaping industries
  • Why understanding “why” you want to grow beyond seven figures is crucial, and why adaptability and intuition are key traits that will help you move the needle
  • How the book “The Big Five For Life” by John Strelecky transformed Joshua’s mindset and outlook, and why having fulfillment in your life is vital
  • Why transparency, authenticity and vulnerability can be a superpower that can unleash your potential as a leader
  • Why leveling up your leadership inspires loyalty and helps your team do their best work, and why it can create real, tangible returns on investment
  • Why letting your team make big swings, even if they sometimes miss, is crucial for giving them the space to solve problems and grow in their roles
  • Why Joshua draws motivation and passion for what he does from making the world better for his sons, and why everyone’s core question is “what’s in it for me?”
  • Why you shouldn’t accept every client that comes through the door, and why falling in love with your ideal clients rather than your offerings is crucial


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