Episode 65:

Jessica has had the opportunity to work in many industries where customer service, results and client experiences were of paramount importance. She is thrilled to bring this knowledge into Bodify and provide a memorable experience and transformational results to clients.

After her advanced training at CoolSculpting University and the elite CoolSculpting Masters course in Pleasanton, CA, Jessica has facilitated thousands of CoolSculpting procedures to a 95% client approval rating. She is committed to ongoing advanced CoolSculpting training, serving as a National Preceptor, and honing her craft to get wow results for Bodify’s clients.

People skills and visionary leadership through collaboration are natural gifts but her passion involves a strong humanitarian contribution. Through Bodify, Jessica has the opportunity to uplift others and support their dreams, which will make a difference in their lives.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How CoolSculpting served as the ideal vehicle for Jessica and her sister to finally be able to go into business together, and how they built and grew Bodify
  • How Jessica realized the importance of moving to more of a hands-off approach and giving her team the space and opportunity to grow and learn
  • Why the new employees you bring into your business need to be the right fit for your company’s culture and values
  • Why Jessica is always recruiting and looking for great candidates to join her team, and why hiring the wrong person is much more costly than taking the time to find the right fit
  • How Jessica’s small, tightly knit team are the key to the company’s culture and help Jessica avoid hiring wrong-fit candidates
  • Why Jessica and her sister were very intentional in deciding who they wanted to be as a business and as a culture before they ever opened their doors
  • Why the pillars of Bodify’s success were focusing on a niche, differentiating themselves, offering a satisfaction guarantee, and serving the right demographics
  • What key business lessons Jessica has learned as an entrepreneur that have helped her business on its growth journey


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