Episode 48:

JD Graffam founded Simple Focus, a user experience digital agency based in Memphis, Tenn. in 2009. A few years into business, like many fast-growing company owners he experienced an acute need to forecast cash flow. Graffam discovered Pulse Cash Flow Software in 2012 and found it so helpful he decided to reinvest Simple Focus profits into buying the SaaS tool.

The Simple Focus Software portfolio was born. He continues to operate both Simple Focus and Simple Focus Software (now seven B2B SaaS companies), providing business owners with a variety of growth-centric solutions.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How JD initially got started in the agency world and technology in college, and how he always had entrepreneurial goals even as a child
  • Why working in the agency world taught JD how to manage many, many different things at once, and how that has served him as an entrepreneur and business leader
  • Why building the right team and then learning the important skill of delegation was a critical transition that frees JD’s time and helps him multiply his efforts
  • How JD and his team have developed an important office-wide shorthand that helps them during the hiring process
  • How cash flow management challenges led JD to discover a cash flow app called Pulse, and why he chose to buy the rights to the app
  • Why JD believes that tracking his cash flow has been one of the cornerstones of his success in business
  • How using the Pulse application has helped JD’s business become more nimble, and how the app helped keep the business alive during the toughest times
  • Why being able to move fast and make key decisions about your cash flow is the secret to saving money on costly mistakes
  • Why it’s important to get into good habits before something challenging happens that puts you in crisis mode
  • Why understanding your numbers and your cash flow can also be beneficial when opportunities present themselves


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