Episode 43:

Grant Botma is the founder of Stewardship and the leader of its nationally-ranked team of top producers. Thanks to thriving company culture, Grant’s team has won numerous awards, including national performance rankings like “Top 1%” and “Top 100.” In 2019, Stewardship was named an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company nominee. Grant’s team continues to break records even when he takes a month off of work to watch spring training baseball with his wife and three kids in Arizona.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • Why Grant attributes his incredible success and the success of Stewardship to the remarkable team he has to support the business
  • What challenges Grant and his team faced and overcame during their period of accelerated growth, and what important lessons they learned
  • Why developing a sense of trust in his team was key to Grant, and why he believes that trust requires a real process before bringing in new people
  • Why Grant believes that his biggest and most important response to the global pandemic has been to let his team know that he cares and is there for them
  • Why the strength of the team at Stewardship has helped the company break sales records, even during the economic crisis
  • How a feeling of purpose and of making an impact drives employee engagement and can help team members choose to give their best every day
  • Why the unifying purpose at Stewardship is to “love people through finances”, and how doing so makes a dramatic impact on the world
  • How Grant was able to achieve broad employee buy-in toward Stewardship’s unifying purpose, and why a mission statement isn’t enough
  • Why transparency, humility, and innovation are the pillars that support the team’s unifying purpose, and how Grant hires for a culture fit
  • Why money isn’t the most important driver for hiring the right people, and why Grant believes in modeling his culture for his employees


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