Episode 42:

Brett Gilliland is Founder and CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs, a company that specializes in giving $1M+ business owners the knowledge, processes, and tools to grow to $10M and beyond. Brett is an expert in organization development, leadership, and strategy and spent 10 years helping Infusionsoft grow from $7M in revenue to over $100M. Brett was involved in the foundational work of Purpose, Values, and Mission at Infusionsoft and facilitated the strategic planning process for many years.

One of Brett’s favorite professional accomplishments is co-creating Infusionsoft’s Elite Forum along with Clate Mask and building the Elite business inside of Infusionsoft. As the leader of the Elite business, Brett has helped hundreds of struggling seven-figure business owners overcome their biggest challenges and achieve new levels of success. He also played a central role in the development of Infusionsoft’s Leadership Model and was serving as the VP of Leadership Development when the decision was made to spin the Elite business out of Infusionsoft. As the new owner of Elite Entrepreneurs, Brett can’t think of anything else he’d rather be doing professionally. When Brett isn’t busy helping $1M+ businesses succeed, he is a family man who enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Sharon, and their 8 children.

In this finale of a four-part special series, Brett discusses the importance of establishing a clear, defined and purpose-driven meeting cadence to help balance your efforts between meeting your short-term Operational Excellence needs while still making progress toward your long-term Strategy goals.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • Brett reviews the important information he shared in the previous three episodes in the Elite Business Growth Method miniseries
  • Why ensuring you take targeted, coordinated action as a team and balancing your attention between the short term Operational Excellence and long term Strategic sides of your business is key
  • Why a strong meeting rhythm or meeting cadence is vital for helping you and your team focus on the correct priorities
  • Why your annual planning meeting should be a two-day offsite with the right group of people focused on the strategic side of your business
  • Why determining your Annual Priorities with assigned priority owners and evidences of success with those priorities should be the main deliverables from your annual meeting
  • Why your quarterly planning meetings play and important role in the strategic progress as well, typically as a single day in the last two weeks of the prior quarter
  • Why your monthly team meetings should focus on both the strategic and operational sides of your business
  • How a monthly company-wide meeting with your entire team can help ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • How weekly meetings and daily huddles focused on operational issues will help you make adjustments and course corrections based on your business metrics as needed
  • How weekly one-on-one meetings allow your team to self-report their progress toward their Big 3 and can help keep your employees better informed
  • Why quick daily huddles every morning, either in person or remotely using software like Zoom, can create positivity and focus


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