Episode 64:

David Ferree is the co-founder and CEO of Anson Belt & Buckle. Over 10 years ago, David and his father created the brand Anson Belt & Buckle, introducing micro-adjustable, hole-less belts to the U.S. market. Today Anson Belt has been named to the Inc. 5000 fastest growing private’s U.S. companies, going on 3 years in a row, cementing themselves as a leader in the surprisingly competitive hole-less belt industry.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How David, along with his father, built and scaled Anson Belt & Buckle, and how their innovative micro-adjustable belt design stands out from competitors
  • How an unexpected layoff encouraged David to dive into Anson Belt & Buckle full-time, just in time for a major marketing campaign push that helped the company truly take off
  • Why a lucky breakthrough with a viral marketing video gave David’s company an exponential return on investment and a major push in their scaling efforts
  • Why suddenly increased demand also requires the ability to rapidly scale up the team, infrastructure and systems to meet that demand
  • How David structured his team to best fit the needs of the company, and why keeping a small team of internal employees helped the company navigate the pandemic
  • How working for a rapidly growing family business has differed from being employed by others, and why David says he will never work for anyone else again
  • What key sticking points and challenges David and his team have faced after four years of rapid growth, and how the global pandemic has impacted their growth
  • How David assesses and evaluates risks, and why he made the decision to spend money on YouTube influencer marketing
  • What major impact Anson Belt & Buckle has made on how men view fashion and accessorizing, and why the company has an incredibly high number of repeat customers
  • How Anson Belt & Buckle is continuing to grow by introducing a brand new line of women’s fashion belts


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