Episode 87:

Delegation Skills


What You Will Learn:

  • How Cody’s career led him to become a financial advisor and co-founding a business, and what early challenges he faced, and lessons he learned as an entrepreneur
  • How Cody and his teamwork to help small business owners who “happen to be financial advisors”
  • Why the biggest challenge Cody faced as an entrepreneur was learning to let go of responsibility and develop his delegation skills
  • How the process of learning to delegate worked for Cody, and why it’s crucial to make sure that the person you’re delegating to is able to do the job the way you want it done
  • Why delegating responsibility also means offering accountability, and why Cody had to learn to clearly define expectations
  • How Cody learned to work in the business less and to work on the business through strategic planning and looking to the future
  • Why Cody attributes the growth and success of Advisors Excel to hiring great people and investing in their growth
  • How the leader that manages all of Advisors Excel’s digital marketing efforts started with the company as an intern, and why promoting from within has proven a winning strategy
  • Why overhiring for a position is an unexpected pitfall, and why it’s crucial that your new hires fit with your company’s Culture
  • Why it’s usually obvious within a short time if someone isn’t a great Culture fit for your organization, and why you need to address it quickly

About Cody Foster

Cody Foster is one of the co-founders of Advisors Excel. In 2004, after leaving a corporate job to partner with David Callanan to be independent financial advisors, he realized the support system for independent advisors was dramatically insufficient. So, in 2005, along with third partner Derek Thompson, they formed Advisors Excel with a goal of building a world-class support structure for independent financial advisors across the country.

Today they have over 650 employees and are responsible for generating over $7 billion in annual sales. Their success in achieving this has led to their story being featured in Success Magazine, Darren Hardy’s book “The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster” and Tony Robbins’ #1 New York Times bestselling book, “Money, Master the Game.”

Cody graduated from Washburn University in 1999 and has made Topeka his home ever since. He is a big believer in the future of the capital city of Kansas – having served as the Chairman of the Greater Topeka Partnership and a leading investor and developer in quality of life initiatives including The Cyrus Hotel, The Pennant, and Iron Rail Brewing.

As much as he enjoys business, his real love is family. Cody, and his wife Jennifer, a Topeka native and fellow Washburn graduate, have been married since 2001 and have two children, Dylan and Ella.


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