Episode 28:

Clate Mask loves building small businesses. He went to law school and business school, but he couldn’t get excited about going to work for a big consulting or law firm. Small business growth is what he loves. He gets to do that every day at Keap, helping his business grow by helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses using their small business CRM and sales software.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How Clate ran Infusionsoft through two different recessions, and how he learned firsthand to manage cash when resources become scarce
  • Why mindset is critical, especially during challenging times, and why you must conquer your own fears to be creative with your ideas
  • Clate offers ideas for generating new cash including promotions and sales, and he explains why building a strong relationship with clients now can open new doors later
  • Why you should be focused on creating value for your clients, and why you should avoid “jumping straight to the sale” and build trust and a relationship first
  • Why many clients may be looking to make adjustments to their payment terms, and why Clate recommends offering a combination of additional services and credit
  • What advice Clate would offer to pre-revenue businesses who are seeking private equity funding, and why these businesses should be focused on monetizing themselves now
  • Why not all debt is bad debt, and why lines of credit and loans at historically low-interest rates can free you to focus on your business
  • Why being creative and negotiating new agreements can help you preserve the cash you do have, and why finding ways to manage payroll expenses is vital
  • Why leadership during tough times requires collaboration and close communication with the members of your team
  • Why pursuing a Small Business Association (SBA) loan may be worthwhile, and how to get assistance with the application process


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