Episode 30:

Blair Nicole Housley is the CEO & Founder of Media Moguls PR, a ten-year-old 7-figure Whitelabel PR agency. She’s also a member of the Forbes Agency Council, host of the #KickassPR podcast, and columnist at Forbes and Business.com. Her agency has become the secret weapon behind hundreds of other marketing and PR agencies, and she’s trained over 1200 PR pros around the globe.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • Why seven-figure businesses have very different PR needs from six-figure businesses, and why it requires a different perspective and strategy
  • Why you should be looking at your PR efforts as a long-term investment and go into the process with specific goals and a plan
  • How Blair and her team use engagement tracking and conversion rates to demonstrate the value and return on investment of a PR campaign
  • Why the time frame of your PR campaign should be determined by your business’s needs and goals, and why seven-figure businesses tend to use PR as a brand engagement tool
  • How Media Moguls PR often coordinates their efforts and works with a small marketing team within an organization
  • How Blair and her team help their clients with thought leadership efforts, and why timeliness and responsiveness from their clients is critical
  • Why it typically only takes an hour or two a week to pull off a successful PR campaign that shows results
  • What kind of time commitment you should expect to get started with a PR campaign, and what steps Blair and her team take to get a client started
  • Why clients often need help clarifying their messaging before they are able to launch a successful media campaign


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