The Power of the Elite Business Growth Method

by | Jul 22, 2020

Growing a business is no small accomplishment. Growing a business beyond $1 million in revenue is statistically unlikely. In fact, we love sharing the statistic that only 3-5% of the businesses in the United States ever achieve that goal. Which should help you recognize how special you are. How…elite.

To achieve such an amazing feat, you’ve had to shed a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. But to get where you want to go, you’re going to shed a whole lot more. Unless you’re ready to adopt the idea that what got you here will not get you there.

If you are willing to embrace that concept, then your next million (or 2 or 3) will be a lot easier to achieve. And that’s the whole reason Elite Entrepreneurs exists.

We exist to help business owners make critical mindset shifts – so they’re prepared to tackle new challenges. We exist because we know what growth (at this stage in your business) should look like. We exist because we’re committed 100% to “getting you there.”

The truth is, nobody prepared you for this moment in your business. You’ve had to fight a very tough battle to get where you are. But with the right training and support your next stage can be a lot brighter and more rewarding than the dark struggles that bought your “elite” status.

Here are 5 ways following the Elite Business Growth Method makes your next journey “brighter”:

More Clarity

Too often, growth is crippled by business owners who aren’t sure what to do next. But rather than taking the time (because time is such a precious commodity) to seek out answers to their current challenges, they dig in and work harder – thinking hard work will save them.

But, as you’ve probably discovered, working harder only means you’re working harder. You’re burning out faster. And the obstacles in your path remain unmoved.

With the principles we teach, you’re given a holistic view of your business. You’re taught to look ahead far enough to see the work you must do to make strategic progress instead of solely focusing on the short-term, day-to-day execution of your business.

You can easily make long-term decisions, because you can see what your business will look like long-term. You’ll make better choices because you’ll recognize what actions propel your business forward and which ones don’t align with your Vision. You’ll no longer jump at every opportunity because you can assess benefits versus costs much faster.

More Purpose

This is going to sound super cliche, but you built your business for a reason. You wanted to achieve some goal. And unless you’re Scrooge McDuck, you probably weren’t after money. Of course you want to make plenty of money, but that isn’t usually the driver for the most successful entrepreneurs I know.

Maybe you wanted more time with your family. Maybe you had plans to start a non-profit. Maybe you felt compelled to provide better solutions for your target market.

All too often, your Purpose gets lost in the daily grind of the business. When you’re in the trenches, survival is the name of the game. You don’t have the freedom (or money) to support a local charity or serve in your community.

But as your business becomes more streamlined and predictable, you will find yourself with the freedom to do more and give more. You can achieve a higher Purpose by having the time and money to pursue your desires.

More Freedom

I used the word “freedom” in the section above. So it makes sense to address it now.

Freedom is going to have a different meaning for every business owner. But the universal application is that your business will no longer own you. It will become the tool, the catalyst that grants you the life you hope to live.

And freedom is achieved when your business becomes so streamlined that it hardly feels your absence when you decide to vacation with your family. Freedom is achieved when taking a risk excites rather than terrifies you. (Because you know you’ll get through any outcome). Freedom is achieved when you wake up from a good night of sleep ready for whatever the day holds for you.

It’s why you went into business for yourself.

More Peace

Entrepreneurs are some of the most courageous people on the planet. It takes guts to start a business. It takes strength to give up a steady paycheck and tackle the unknown. We are not strangers to fear.

But at some point, bravery must be rewarded. You can’t spend every day fighting off anxiety attacks.

Rather, you should be nodding along when someone tells you they’re ready to be their own boss. You should be smiling when an ambitious newbie shows you the company logo they just had created on Fiverr.

How do you get there? By finding people who are passionate about the Purpose of your business and are a great fit with the Values. By letting skilled individuals manage more of your business. By seeing your numbers continually rise and feeling confident in what the future holds.

That is your reality when you learn the leadership processes and systems and the company building skills we teach at Elite.

More Fun

You remember what fun feels like, right?

Fun is singing “Happy Birthday” to an employee during a company meeting. Fun is an impromptu game of basketball between meetings. Fun is having your spouse and kids steal you away for a lunch date.

Fun, for many business owners, is the missing piece of their adventure.

But fun can be reclaimed. And it’s the reason you need a few new skills and a few changes in mindset. Because you deserve a successful company that you’re actually excited to own and grow.


We still need to recognize the incredible journey you’ve been on and how those experiences have transformed and strengthened you. But again, the next stage, if you tackle it with the right tools and support will be a vastly different journey.

Want to get into some of the nitty-gritty details for how to achieve the picture perfect scenario described above? Then I’d like to invite you to download my new ebook, “The Elite Business Growth Method: A Proven System to Build Your Seven-Figure Business with Less Chaos, Fewer Headaches, and More Freedom.”

This ebook covers 4 powerful principles to help you convert from being a tired, frustrated business owner (who is making their best guess) to a calm, powerful leader who knows what the future of their business looks like.

This is what you’ve worked hard to achieve. Don’t wait any longer. Download the ebook now.


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