Episode 38:

Tim Furman, president of men’s health-focused online pharmacy MediSuite, has a long and proven history of working in the C-suite within the healthcare industry, serving as Chief Operating Officer at Physicians’ Own Pharmacy for a decade prior to his current role. Tim is skilled in Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacy Operations, Business Development, Account Management, Product Marketing, and Start-ups. Tim obtained his BBA from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and his MBA from Campbell University.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • Tim shares details about his company, MediSuite, a national mail order pharmacy specializing in men’s health issues such as erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer
  • How MediSuite took advantage of the fact that larger competitors were working to educate the market on mail-order pharmacies
  • What challenges and struggles, both internally and externally, MediSuite has experienced after reaching the seven-figure revenue plateau
  • How Tim realized the importance of tight employee agreements and legal protection after a former employee struck out on his own to attempt to replicate MediSuite’s success
  • How MediSuite has scaled up its hiring, onboarding and retention process, and why this effort has helped create accountability and attract the right talent
  • Why shoring up the hiring process and avoiding “bad hires” has helped Tim and his team save time, money and effort
  • How Tim learned the importance of truly investing in culture and values as pillars to support a strong, effective team
  • How the MediSuite team has worked to regularly reinforce their culture, values and company mottos
  • Why scaling is a slow, deliberate process, and why Tim wishes they had implemented scaling work earlier in the process to help accelerate their growth


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