Episode 18: S2|Mastering Crisis Management with Kate Gardiner


In an era where business landscapes are perpetually at risk of being disrupted by unforeseen events, mastering the art of crisis management is more crucial than ever. Kate Gardiner, CEO and founder of Greyhorse, a communications agency specializing in crisis management, recently shared her expert insights on the “7 Figure Journey” podcast. Her approach to navigating complex crises combines deep media savvy with strategic communication techniques, making her a sought-after expert in the field.

The Evolution of Grey horse


Kate Gardiner’s professional journey began in journalism, where she gained firsthand experience with media storms, often finding herself at the center of high-profile crises. This background laid a solid foundation for her transition into crisis communications, leading to the establishment of Greyhorse. Initially focusing on social media-related crises, Greyhorse has expanded its services to encompass a wider range of crisis management solutions, catering to public figures, private individuals, and corporate clients alike.

Strategic Crisis Management Approaches


Greyhorse’s success is built on a foundation of swift and strategic responses. The agency’s process begins with immediate onboarding by the client’s closest advisors, followed by a tailored action plan to address the specific crisis. Their method involves a detailed assessment of the situation, strategic planning in collaboration with legal teams, and continuous management over an 18-month period aimed at repairing and reinforcing the client’s public image.

Effective Leadership in Crisis Resolution


Under Kate Gardiner’s leadership, Greyhorse thrives on a culture of independence and initiative. Gardiner’s leadership style is adaptive, allowing team members to lead in their areas of expertise. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of their crisis management strategies but also contributes to a dynamic and responsive team environment.

The Future of Crisis Management


Looking forward, Gardiner plans to continue evolving her agency’s capabilities by potentially partnering with larger agencies. This move would leverage collective strengths and resources, ensuring robust support for clients facing various crises and enhancing Greyhorse’s operational stability.



Kate Gardiner’s discussion highlights the necessity for preparedness and strategic agility in crisis management. Businesses and individuals looking to bolster their crisis management capabilities would do well to consider the proven strategies and insights offered by Gardiner and her team at Greyhorse. Engaging with seasoned experts like Gardiner can significantly enhance one’s ability to navigate and mitigate the impacts of crises effectively.

About Kate Gardiner


Kate Gardiner is an accomplished crisis communication strategist and the CEO of Greyhorse. Her extensive experience in media and communications provides her with unique insights into managing public relations crises. Kate’s visionary leadership at Greyhorse has been pivotal in navigating complex crisis scenarios across diverse industries.

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