Episode 74:

Kristin Carpenter founded Verde Brand Communications after a decade-long journalism career, working on staff for major consumer lifestyle magazines, business and trade titles. Now 19 years later, she continues to serve as Verde’s CEO and directs strategy for the agency.

Kristin is also host of the Channel Mastery podcast, voted best Outdoor Podcast by SNEWS in 2019. Channel Mastery launched in 2017 and delivers solutions in every weekly episode tailored for specialty business and brand leaders navigating the continual transformation of multi-channel business. Specialty’s competitive set now includes behemoth marketplaces like Amazon, billion-dollar retailers like Target and Walmart, armed with troves of data, Channel Mastery shows specialty business leaders what’s working today to best engage today’s consumer.

In her free time, you can find Kristin chasing her kids around the mountains and desert around her home in Durango, Colo.

In addition to her duties of founder/CEO and Mom, Kristin hosts town halls and keynote speaking engagements.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Kristin initially founded Verde Brand Communications with the goal and began specializing in the outdoor recreation market
  • How the outbreak of the global pandemic forced everyone to “throw out the playbook” and encouraged them to innovate new solutions
  • How Kristin learned to stop over-servicing her clients and recognize the real value of her time and effort as her firm grew
  • Why Kristin would tell her younger self to not stress so much over the challenges ahead of her and to know that she will overcome them
  • Why learning to delegate responsibility was one of the significant skills Kristin had to develop as a leader to keep her organization growing
  • How the global pandemic has impacted online research engagement and conversion and created change in both businesses and in the consumers they serve
  • How Kristin and her team are continuously working to update their Mission, Vision, and Values and to implement and streamline their processes
  • Why constant outgoing communication between brands and consumers is more important than ever before in the age of pandemic
  • Why Kristin believes it is key for a brand to not be too tied to its founder and to stand on its own legs
  • How Kristin is focusing on building out her leadership team’s structure to better reflect who Verde is and what they want to be


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