Episode 17:

Eric Sprague and his business partner, Larry Wilberton, were college roommates. For 13 years they successfully ran and later sold a seven-figure per year water damage restoration business. Upon the sale of that business, Eric and Larry went to work on their passion project: MorningTechMeeting.com. The website is a monthly membership of daily video training devoted to teaching blue-collar service technicians the soft skills to create better client experiences. Eric is known as the “Tech Whisperer” for his down to earth style which helps him connect with service technicians in a way that they are comfortable with. Eric also coaches blue-collar service business owners and managers to help them build better systems and process flows.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How Eric and Larry went into business together, and how they grew the business they founded in 2008 to seven figures
  • How following a marketing plan to the letter without deviating from the plan was the key to Eric and Larry’s explosive growth
  • Why finding the right coaches to teach Eric and Larry the skills they needed was vital for their success
  • Why hiring and staffing with the right people was one of the major obstacles Eric and Larry ran into on their journey to seven figures
  • What important time-saving improvements, cultural changes, and processes Eric and Larry implemented that made a huge difference in their business
  • How canceling their daily morning meeting for three weeks caused morale to plummet and caused the employees to mutiny
  • Why soft skills are the best way to build a powerful company reputation, and why Eric and Larry moved into teaching those skills to their employees
  • Why training their employees in soft skills and how to effectively communicate with customers was the key to scaling the business
  • Why relationship-building with their team helped Eric and Larry become better, more effective leaders
  • How Eric and Larry’s current business, Morning Tech Meeting, helps business owners outsource their morning meetings
  • How to find Eric and Larry’s podcast, Blue Collar Nation, and what topics the podcast series covers


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