Episode 80:

What Makes an Effective CEO


What You Will Learn:

  • How Tim initially got involved in web design and built out his marketing and SEO business, Exposure Ninja, specializing in small and medium-sized businesses
  • How Tim’s past as a professional drummer taught him that monetizing your passion can cause you to feel overwhelmed by the thing you used to love
  • How Tim scaled Exposure Ninja beyond doing everything himself, first by hiring people to shore up his weaknesses and then by hiring even for the things he is strong in
  • What key lessons Tim learned about leaving behind the entrepreneurial mindset and what makes an effective CEO
  • How Tim manages a team of over one hundred people and keeps everyone focused, aligned to the company’s Vision, and coordinated to make progress
  • How Tim dealt with his imposter syndrome and learned why coaching his team members was vital for the growth of the organization
  • How Tim helps other members of his team make the same important realizations about delegation and leading that he himself learned
  • What strategies Tim employs to keep growing in his role as a leader, and how he identifies areas he wants to focus on in his growth
  • How Exposure Ninja’s shared Values are essential to their success, and how Tim and his leadership team have consciously built a large, effective team

About Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Tim Cameron-Kitchen is a Digital Marketing expert and Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja. Exposure Ninja works and consults with businesses in every imaginable market around the world, helping them to increase their website rankings, traffic, and profit. Tim has been working in Digital Marketing since 2005, setting up Exposure Ninja in 2012.

Tim’s five bestselling digital marketing books, online courses, seminars, and the Exposure Ninja podcast, teach tens of thousands of businesses each year. Tim is a regular speaker at the B2B Marketing Expo at London’s Excel and at private seminars and workshops.

When he’s not Ninja-ing, Tim’s trying to persuade his son Luca to come to the cricket with him, going to the gym with his wife, or fixing the destruction caused by three cat children, Ninja, Samurai, and Shinobi.


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