Episode 107:

Jared Hummel is an experienced business leader with a history of building start-up organizations into streamlined, revenue-generating companies. As the President of Parqa, he leads with a strong financial background and is motivated by enhancing growth and finding solutions to complex operating and execution-based challenges. He enjoys working with company leaders to integrate digital strategies into overall business decisions with an emphasis on nurturing clients and candidates through automation to drive revenue. At Parqa, he combines his finance, operations, and marketing background to help fuel growth for the company as well as its partners across the country.

Jared is a knowledgeable and versatile speaker, always excited to talk about how his passion for sports informs his approach to team building. He has actionable and unique advice for staffing agencies, team leaders, marketers and technology buffs looking to understand complex and niche strategies in action.

What You Will Learn:

  • Jared describes the work he and his team do at Parqa Marketing and shares how he stepped into a leadership role and evolved the business
  • How raising $10 million in capital early allowed Jared and the Parqa Marketing team to fund the growth of the business to $25 million and beyond
  • How Setting the Vision, Building the Team, and Securing Fuel for Growth have been instrumental in overcoming the common seven-figure challenges Parqa has faced
  • Why Jared’s background as a hockey player has served him in his role at Parqa Marketing and taught him the importance of a team working in synergy together
  • Why Jared and his leadership team have quarterly offsite meetings to ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • Why eliminating staff turnover has been instrumental in allowing Parqa Marketing to continue to scale, and why Culture is crucial for growth
  • Why growing his leadership skills has been an important focus as Jared has stepped into a leadership role


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