Episode 55:

Brett Lane is an SEO veteran with 15 years of experience and has managed over one thousand marketing campaigns. His company (SEO Outsourcing) currently provides white label SEO services to a variety of marketing agencies in the United States. They specialize in onsite SEO, link building, content creation, SEO sales, and reporting for their trusted agency customers. On average, they manage over one hundred and fifty SEO campaigns per month and have ranked thousands of keywords to a top ten position at Google across many industries.

Agency clients trust his team members to provide SEO services directly to their customers as their branded team members. Engine-ius Marketing also works directly with it’s agency customers if they do not want to manage the SEO relationship in-house. Lastly, Brett and his team have helped agency clients generate over two million dollars worth of sales in the last year!

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How Brett initially got started working in search engine optimization consulting in 2006, during the early days of SEO
  • Why learning to scale the business, let go of control, and delegate to a team were critical steps Brett had to make to resume his business growth
  • How testing and experimentation, completing microtasks, and taking calculated risks can help your business grow and can help you identify new opportunities
  • Why finding, hiring, and retaining the right people has been a crucial cornerstone for Brett’s success
  • Why Brett struggled to master his mindset and see himself as successful, and how he learned to be thankful now for things he doesn’t even have yet
  • How Brett discovered the value of participating in mastermind groups and surrounding himself with high-achieving people
  • What qualities to look for (and watch out for) when looking for a good SEO consultant, and how to identify the right consultant for your business
  • Why SEO ranking trends are moving toward favoring long-form content that is engaging, topical, and focused
  • How Google’s ranking algorithm frequently changes and it is important to stay current with the changes
  • What three key components should be a part of your SEO strategy, and why each component matters to your SEO ranking


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