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True Leadership – From Uncertain to Unstoppable

Join our live training and confidently lead your team to build the business you always wanted

August 16th – 18th, 2023

Elite Entrepreneurs Working

When you started your business, it likely wasn’t because you wanted to

lead people

Did It Start Like This?

Your passion for your industry pulled you forward

You wanted more freedom or flexibility

You wanted to remove limits on your income

You did not like being managed by others

Now that you’ve grown to seven figures and have a team, how’s your freedom, flexibility, & income?

Turns out that adding more team members actually just feels like…

MORE responsibility

MORE details to track

MORE people to figure out how to support

You might have some great team members in place…

But how do you lead them to generate progress for your business AND take care of the individuals in front of you?

It feels like an impossible balance to find.

That balance isn’t just about caring about each of your team members.

It’s also about learning how to trust your team and inspiring confidence.

It’s about becoming the best version of yourself so you can continue to meet the demanding needs of both your team AND your business.

It Doesn’t Need To Be Overwhelming


Prioritize your growth as a leader

✅ Get support from other seven figure business owners

✅ Use a proven method for businesses at your level

Join us at Elite Live in August 2023 & Develop True Leadership

At Elite Entrepreneurs we’ve helped hundreds of seven figure businesses get to eight figures and beyond. We make it happen through our proven, repeatable Elite Growth Method, leadership development, and ongoing coaching support.

Join us in August and learn how to:

  • Take care of yourself so you can keep showing up for your team
  • Inspire confidence in your team when things get challenging
  • Develop your next generation of leaders
  • Trust your team enough to feel comfortable bringing them in on big decisions

Join Us At The Beautiful New Park Resort

This highly-rated hotel charms guests with thoughtful in-room amenities including:
gas fireplaces, heated bathroom floors, and private decks with hot tubs.

Meet the trainers at Elite Live

Tyler Garns

Jeff Mask


Owner, MASK Principles

From growing multiple hyper-growth companies to leading Fortune 100 & start-ups to hiring & leading over 1,000 people to building world-class leadership teams. He has learned first-hand what works and what doesn’t.

Kirk Chugg


Founder of the Gentlemen Project

Kirk Chugg is the founder of the Gentlemen Project, an organization that promotes purposeful and intentional parenting. He also hosts the Gentlemen Project Podcast where guests share their best ideas to connect with their kids.

Steve Johnson

C. Terry Warner


Founder of The Arbinger Institute

He holds a Ph.D. from Yale University and is a professor of philosophy at Brigham Young University. He has been a visiting senior member of Linacre College, Oxford University, and in 1979 founded The Arbinger Institute, a widely respected group that devotes itself to helping organizations, families, and individuals.

Tyler Garns

Dan Ralphs


Founder of Dream School

Dan is one of the world’s foremost experts on unlocking the power of dreaming. He has an amazing ability to help people discover their own dreams and learn how to go after them. His realistic approach to dreaming recognizes that dreaming is not a ‘magic pill’ but rather a new way of thinking about our ability to create.

Brian Tenney

Kimberly White


Founder Own Your Better, LLC

Kimberly White has been resourcing others to lead themselves better for over 30 years. Her experience is built upon her education and is supported by ongoing professional development. She founded Own Your Better™, LLC to bring an accessible, useable, and principle-based development approach to leaders with a desire to raise their effectiveness at impacting, engaging, and connecting with those they lead

Brian Tenney

Hal Halladay


CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Leadership

Driving business growth through coaching and leadership development.

Lamar Tyler


CEO & Founder of Traffic Sales and Profit

Using his motto “The Gatekeepers Are Gone,” Lamar has leveraged social media to build a movement of online brands that support, uplift and encourage the black community with over 600 thousand social media fans and over 51 thousand customers in all 50 states and 43 countries across the globe.

Brandon Stewart


CEO and Co-Founder Millennial® Choirs & Orchestras (MCO®)

A conductor, pianist, vocalist, and composer/arranger, for the past 16 years Brandon has devoted his life to educating and training thousands of youth and adults across the western United States and has conducted hundreds of performances in concert halls nationwide. Known for his passionate approach, Brandon particularly loves working with the youth of MCO and inspiring them to rise above mediocrity and be shining lights in a darkening world.

Brett Gilliland


Founder & CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs

Brett and team specialize in giving $1M+ business owners the knowledge, processes and tools to grow to $10M and beyond.

David Gilliland


Owner of The CEO’s Team

Over the past 17 years David has consulted with over 250 small businesses across the US as well as 40 of the Global 500 including Accenture, Duetche Bank, Siemens, Intel, IBM, Rio Tinto, Walmart, and UnitedHealth Group.

What You’ll Get:


  • 1 seat at Elite Live – True Leadership: From Uncertain to Unstoppable
  • Designated time with peers in Mastermind & Hot Seat Groups
  • Lunch provided
  • Dinner provided August 17th
  • BONUS: Park City Group Activity & Social



    • Bonus Day One: Wednesday, August 16th, 2023
      Group Activity at Utah Olympic Park (Action Tower, Alpine Slide, Extreme Tubing, Extreme & Freestyle Zip Lines, & Discovery Ropes Course.): 2:00 PM-5:30 PM Mountain /
      Social: 6:00 PM-8:00 PM Mountain 


  • Day Two: Thursday, August 17th, 2023
    Elite Live: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM Mountain w/dinner following
    • Elite Mastermind Groups: For committed members of an Elite Mastermind group, gather and bring your challenging questions, bring your listening ear, and bring your best ideas and resources to help each other grow. But please don’t bring your ego.
      This is a place to be real and get the real help you need. Imagine 4 hours to learn from the collective genius of so many great leaders. You will leave with actionable ideas, great resources, and true friends to help you move forward.


    • Hot Seats: Not in a Mastermind? No problem! You will be paired up with your peers for Hot Seats facilitated by an Elite Business Coach. Bring your challenges for 2023, bring your listening ear, and bring your best ideas and resources to help each other grow. Remember to leave your ego at the door. You will gain actionable ideas, great resources, and true friends to help you move forward.
  • Day Three: Friday, August 18th, 2023
    Elite Live: 8:00 AM-3:00 PM Mountain
    • Elite Live Leadership Event 

‘Saved Us 10 Years and Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars’

“Our investment in the Elite was hands-down the best money we have ever spent on our business. It literally saved us ten years and hundreds of thousands of dollars by exposing the on-ramp to the super-highway of business growth.

Since going through the program, our yearly revenue has expanded by 15 times! Even in the pandemic of 2020, we saw a $7 million increase in sales over the prior year thanks to the methods taught at Elite.

Thank you Brett and Team Elite for making your expertise and experience available to driven entrepreneurs who believe enough in their businesses to make the financial commitment to join. We are so blessed to have been a part of this program, and are so proud to be part of the Elite Family.”

Eric Sparrow

CEO, Milkhouse Creamery, Inc.

Total Price $1,999

Let 2023 be the year that your business grows beyond YOUR personal capabilities.

At Elite Entrepreneurs, we help 7 figure businesses get to 8 figures and above and one of the ways we make that happen is by teaching you how to get the right team of people to systematically get things done and drive results.

“We knew we were doing well and growing before the Elite content, but there were so many gaps in our knowledge when it came to figuring out exactly how to grow – how to get to the next level. We didn’t know how to use what we knew about our existing culture or team members to attract more like them. We lacked a clear vision of where exactly the company could go. Learning the Elite way solved this for us!”
Stephanie Holmes-Winton

CEO, The Money Finder

“Both Kathy (my wife and our CEO) and I (our COO) now feel like true leaders. We used to spend most of our time working IN the business. Today, we focus on empowering our team to be the best versions of themselves so that our company can become the best version of itself. Knowing this, we were able to take our two young daughters to Europe for a month while our team ran the business—and everything went perfectly! That’s just one example of the freedom we now have in our lives: freedom of time, but even more importantly, peace of mind.”

Rich Fettke

Real Wealth Network

“Both employees we needed to remove have been done! Huge relief here! We have so much good things to share. I just need a spare moment to share them. We have had an absolute blast revamping and creating our future culture. So excited about the changes and the direction. Using the strategy methods have been amazing for us! I have no idea how we’ve been so successful before; however, being this organized and focused is going to absolutely allow us to explode!”


Healthcare Software Company

If you are still not registered for our Elite Live event in August then remember this…

You have 2 options:

Do what you have already been doing to grow your business (or avoid growing it).

Join us in August in Park City, Utah to learn how to Lead Beyond Doubt and reach eight figures.

See how things are different with Elite Entrepreneurs. Get real movement in your business instead of leaving hyped up without a clear action plan.


Where is it?

Park City, Utah – Traveling to our event is easy and convenient! Simply fly into Salt Lake City International Airport, and you’ll be just a short 35-minute ride away from Park City.

Where can I stay while I’m there?

The event will be held at the beautiful Newpark Resort in Park City. We hope you will also join us there for lodging. Group rate discount available after registration. 

Are meals included?

We will provide lunch and dinner Thursday and lunch Friday.

What is included with my ticket?

1 seat at the live event including leadership content and Mastermind or Hot Seat Group participation. PLUS: Bonus Day Activity

‘From Chaotic and Stuck to Aligned, Efficient and Profitable

“Elite Entrepreneurs has completely revamped our business. The tools and guidance we have received from Elite Entrepreneurs has helped our business tremendously. We are more aligned, more efficient and more profitable. There were other factors that have gone into our success (someone has to do the work) but Elite Entrepreneurs was the start we needed.

Personally, I have grown as a leader. Being able to grow and develop as a leader is the ONLY way our business and our team will be able to continue to grow. I’ve learned how to: 1. Prioritize what really matters in my life (i.e. get my personal life back); 2. Utilize and trust my team more than I have before; 3. Learn, Develop & Grow.”

Bill Harney

CEO, Keeping Current Matters