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What We Do

At Elite Entrepreneurs, we help entrepreneurs build incredible, meaningful businesses. We believe entrepreneurship is a powerful force that shapes the way we live. We honor the brave individuals who step into the unknown to start a business. We believe in small business. We empower small business success. We don’t just say that, we mean it and we do it every day.

Oftentimes, working at Elite Entrepreneurs is much like running a small business. There will be long days and incredible challenges, but the reward will be contributing to something that is larger than yourself. We want you to bring the hustle, grit, and passion to everything you do here. You will be expected to take high ownership and improve yourself constantly. You will be held accountable to our 7 Core Values and will be expected to hold your teammates accountable as well. The values are what unify us and allow us to make the impact that we do. They are crucial on our mission to elevate businesses to co-create a brighter future.

One of the most frustrating realities in small business is that the people who have the guts, energy, passion, and grit to take a leap of faith and jump into entrepreneurship rarely know much about what it takes to grow a business. They scrape and they claw and they will their business forward. Sadly, of the businesses that survive their first few years of existence, the vast majority of them don’t make it to $1M in revenue. The ones who do break the $1M mark in annual sales often have owners who find that they are ill-equipped to lead the increasing scale and complexity of their creation. That’s where we come in. We specialize in helping successful entrepreneurs learn the methods, processes and tools to grow their 7-figure businesses.

It is not uncommon for businesses who work with us to double or even triple in revenue in 18-24 months.

If you are passionate about unleashing the potential of $1M+ business owners to have greater impact in the world, you need to join our team. If you are more content to work in large company or a boring but “stable” government job, don’t read any further. Really, please do us both a favor and don’t waste any more time.

We believe in combining the best of customer service, constant innovation, and our sound Elite Methodology in order for our elite entrepreneurs and their teams to thrive as they grow.

Our Core Values

We genuinely care

We listen to and serve people beyond what’s typically expected in a business relationship.  We love to leave people and things better than we found them.

We face challenges with optimism

We recognize there are always options in this abundant world; we keep our cool and don’t fold under pressure.  We move forward with hope and confidence, because we know we will figure something out.

We Own It

We have an ownership mindset, take responsibility, and do what it takes to get the job done.  We make and keep commitments.

We do the right thing

We aren’t driven by what is popular or convenient.  We do the right thing every time, even if it is more work or hurts us financially.

We check our egos at the door

We know we aren’t perfect and aren’t afraid to try new things, share our opinions, or make mistakes.  We are open to learning from others.

We build trust

We build trust through open, authentic communication.  We assume positive intent, and we’re the first to extend trust.

We believe in people and their dreams

We reject the idea that people are who they are and can never change.  We love to help people accomplish amazing things and become the best version of themselves!

Why Join Our Team

If you raise the sights of a business owner and give him or her the tools and knowhow to grow their business, you begin to have a very meaningful impact on everyone associated with that business (the owner, the spouse/family, the employees and their families, the customers, the partners, the vendors, the community, the economy, the world!!)

EVERYONE associated with that business is better off if you can unlock potential in the business starting with the mindset and skillset of the business owner. ​By joining our team, you will get to do this kind of impactful work with​ an awesome team. You will be helping them overcome their growing pains, implement our Elite Methodology and support them as they aim for their company Missions. As you do this, you will also be

  • Your Voice Counts​ – ​Team members may own specific roles, but everyone has a say when we set goals and make plans. We value your input and experience.
  • High Trust ​– ​We create a high trust & transparent environment where you can be yourself. We aim to provide clarity, ownership and the opportunity to do meaningful work.
  • Opportunity for Growth​ – B​e a part of a talented team where you will be challenged each and every day. We have fun and we make BIG things happen together. We are growing and need innovative ideas. It is a chance to get in and make an impact.
  • Work with Great People​ – B​e a part of a talented team where you will collaborate on fun & exciting work, and excel in a highly motivating environment.
  • Company Culture​ – Our team makes us who and what we are and helps pave the path to the future. We meet together regularly to talk about what we need to start doing and stop doing, we read books together to find new ideas, have company parties, and laugh a lot together.
  • Learn Always ​– ​This is an entrepreneurship school that you get paid for. You will not only work within a dynamic business, you will be immersed in working with entrepreneurs and learning about real life business through our methodology.
  • Meaningful Impact ​- ​Be a part of something bigger than yourself, and join us in the impact that we are making for small business.
  • Connections For Future Success​ - ​You will be building relationships with amazing people inside of our community.

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