Episode 9: S2| Mastering Local Markets: David McCombie on Scaling to $10M with Focused Business Strategies

In this compelling episode of the Seven Figure Journey podcast, David McCombie shares his invaluable insights on scaling businesses and preparing for a successful exit. With his extensive experience in strategic advising, David offers actionable strategies that entrepreneurs can apply to propel their businesses from $1 million to $10 million and beyond.

Mastering Local Markets


David starts the conversation by emphasizing the importance of mastering local markets. He shares how focusing geographically helped his business achieve remarkable success by significantly improving client engagement and business performance. David discusses the strategic advantage of deepening market penetration in your local area before expanding outward, providing listeners with practical examples from his own business journey.

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Operational Optimization


Operational efficiency is key to scaling businesses effectively. David talks about the importance of streamlining operations to enhance productivity and profitability. He dives into specific strategies that help reduce inefficiencies, such as adopting new technologies and improving process workflows, which are crucial for businesses looking to scale up.

Strategic Exit Planning


One of the highlights of the episode is David’s expert advice on preparing for a business sale. Drawing insights from his recent book, “Selling Your Business with Confidence,” he outlines the critical steps business owners should take years before they plan to exit. David emphasizes the need for early preparation, strategic timing, and understanding the complexities of the sale process to maximize business valuation and secure a successful deal.

Leadership and Building Teams


Transitioning from a hands-on business owner to a strategic leader is vital for sustainable business growth. David shares his journey and the challenges he faced in building a team that could operate independently. He provides valuable tips on leadership development and how to empower your team to take on more responsibilities, which is essential for business owners aiming to scale their operations.



This podcast episode is packed with rich insights and practical advice for any business owner aiming to scale their business or prepare for an exit. David McCombie’s expertise in strategic planning and business growth makes this a must-watch for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their horizons and achieve significant growth.

About David McCombie

David McCombie is the founder of McCombie Group, launched in 2010 after his tenure at McKinsey & Company, where he focused on corporate strategy. His career also includes roles in investment banking at Citigroup Global Banking in New York. A Harvard Law School alumnus, David studied corporate law and negotiation strategy, with additional coursework in corporate finance at Harvard Business School. His thesis was published in the Harvard Latino Law Review. Holding a Phi Beta Kappa degree in economics and finance from the University of Miami, where he now serves as an adjunct professor and advisory board member, David’s comprehensive expertise makes him a key figure in business strategy and leadership. Licensed as a Florida attorney, he continues to influence and lead in various sectors.


Contact David McCombie:

  • Email: dmccombie@mccombiegroup.com
  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/mccombiegroup/

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