Episode 19: S2| Strategic Implementation of AI in Behavioral Therapy




In a world where technology continuously reshapes professional landscapes, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in specialized sectors such as behavioral therapy presents unique opportunities and challenges. Rob Tilley, a retired physician turned entrepreneur, and his venture, Brigger Care, are at the forefront of this innovation. This blog post delves into how Brigger Care utilizes AI to revolutionize care for individuals with intellectual and developmental delays, reflecting on Rob’s entrepreneurial journey, business operations, and the strategic role of AI in enhancing both efficiency and care quality.


Harnessing AI to Enhance Behavioral Therapy


At Brigger Care, AI is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a pivotal component of their operational and care frameworks. Rob’s extensive background in medicine and psychiatry provided a robust foundation for implementing AI in a manner similar to medical practice management. This approach allows behavioral professionals to focus solely on patient care, with AI systems handling complex tasks such as data management, Medicaid billing, and compliance.


The recent deployment of a sophisticated database exemplifies Brigger Care’s commitment to technological integration, significantly improving backend operations and enabling the team to manage a growing number of cases without compromising care quality. Furthermore, Rob envisions AI radically transforming the behavioral therapy landscape by providing real-time, comprehensive data that professionals can use to create personalized care plans.


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Personal Stories and Operational Insights


Rob’s journey into the niche field of behavioral therapy was not planned but evolved through a series of entrepreneurial ventures in various medical practices. These experiences highlighted the challenges and intricacies of healthcare entrepreneurship, from dealing with staffing issues in a home for developmentally delayed individuals to transitioning into behavioral therapy. Each challenge was met with innovative solutions, often leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency and patient outcomes.


Under Rob’s leadership, Brigger Care has not only thrived financially—surpassing a million dollars in revenue within three years—but has also set new standards in patient care through AI. The company’s growth is a testament to the successful integration of technology in healthcare, mirroring the procedural rigor typical of medical practices.


Leadership and Future Vision


Effective leadership in healthcare requires a blend of empathy, strategic foresight, and adaptability. Rob attributes much of Brigger Care’s strategic direction to collaborative leadership with his wife, emphasizing the importance of role division in managing a growing enterprise. This approach allows him to focus on enhancing IT development and optimizing processes, essential components for scaling operations.

Looking forward, Rob aims to expand Brigger Care’s reach by entering new states and further integrating AI into their services. The objective is to achieve operational maturity where business sustainability aligns seamlessly with the uncompromised quality of care.



Rob Tilley’s integration of AI into behavioral therapy at Brigger Care offers profound insights for healthcare professionals, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs alike. His journey underscores the transformative impact of AI in specialized healthcare services, providing a blueprint for others to follow.


Discover more about Brigger Care and their innovative approach to behavioral therapy by visiting their website. Engage with their content, follow their advancements on social media, and explore how AI is making a tangible difference in the lives of those with developmental delays. Whether you are in the healthcare sector or interested in the intersection of technology and care, Brigger Care’s story is a source of inspiration and innovation.


About Rob Tilley


Rob Tilley, the co-founder of Brigger Care, brings a rich background in medicine and entrepreneurship to the behavioral therapy industry. After retiring from his medical career, Rob embarked on various innovative health-related businesses before establishing Brigger Care. He is not only a seasoned physician but also a forward-thinking entrepreneur who sees AI as a pivotal tool in improving healthcare outcomes.

Connect with Rob on LinkedIn: rob-tilley-md-mba-18b4381a5

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