Episode 25:

Most of everything in your life today is based on your FICO credit score, but no one teaches or educates how to have a great credit score or most importantly how to restore your credit after life has thrown you a few curveballs.

That is where Rondi Lambeth’s company, Fortress Credit Pro, comes in. Rondi educates people on how to have a better life with good credit. He helps people get inaccurate, obsolete, erroneous and unverifiable items like late pays, collections, repos, short sales, charge offs, foreclosures, even bankruptcies permanently and legally remove from credit reports.

Rondi helps people get a 2nd chance.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • Rondi discusses his fifteen-year career as a firefighter prior to his work in credit repair, and why Rondi is motivated to help others after his brother’s suicide
  • What growth challenges Rondi’s business had after reaching the seven-figure revenue plateau, and what steps Rondi took to overcome those challenges
  • Why Rondi recognized the need to build and implement systems to sustain the growth of his business once things started breaking at the $3 million mark
  • Why Fortress Credit’s rapid growth created significant growing pains and forced Rondi to learn the value of a company culture
  • Why Rondi would prefer to delay hiring and stunt his business growth over hiring the wrong person and having to fix the problem after the fact
  • Why solely focusing on growth can be harmful to your business, and why building up and cultivating your leadership team is a necessary step
  • Why Rondi believes that building a strong family connection in the workplace has been beneficial to his business
  • What strategies Rondi employes at Fortress Credit to build a strong, motivating company culture, and why Rondi believes in cross-training everyone to do each other’s jobs


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