Episode 77:

Developing a Sales Mindset, with Rick Barerra


What You Will Learn:

  • What revenue acceleration is, and how a “radical redesign” of your business can dramatically increase your revenue
  • What a sales mindset is, and what common roadblocks and obstacles entrepreneurs often face that Rick can help them overcome through the power of mindset
  • Why Rick pushes his sales team to track by hand the work they’re doing, the calls they are making, and how many responses they get
  • Why consistency is the key to overcoming the lag time between building the relationship and making the sale
  • How manually tracking their progress helps the sales team see and experience the correlation between the work they do and the results
  • Why communications like text messages and emails lack the richness and depth of face-to-face communication
  • Why Rick suggests your sales team record every single sales call and then listen back to them, reviewing the conversations to find ways to improve
  • How Rick is involved with Partner Here, a website that helps business owners find business partners to start or grow a business without cash
  • How Partner Here allows experts to leverage their specialized skills and allows businesses to offer alternative compensation for help getting things off the ground
  • Why the right mindset will help you think outside the box and find innovative solutions that are within your abilities and resources

About Rick Barerra

Rick Barrera is known as the Revenue Accelerator for the work he does with entrepreneurs and small businesses to smooth the on-ramp and make them easier to do business with. He believes you can generate any level of revenue you choose, whenever you choose to generate it.

He is the author of the best-seller, Overpromise and Overdeliver: How to Design and Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences. His other books include Non-Manipulative Selling, Collaborative Selling, Alignment: The Shortcut to Marketplace Dominance, and We Before Me: How to End Workplace Selfishness and Accomplish More Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Rick is also the Head of Faculty for the Center for Heart Led Leadership in Denver, Colorado where he works with SEAL Team leaders, world class mountain climbers, Fortune 500 CEOs, journalists and astronauts to teach We Before Me leadership to the next generation of leaders. His Heart of Leaders podcast can be found on Apple, Spotify or wherever you like to get your podcasts.

Rick speaks worldwide on Innovation in Leadership, Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience.


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