Episode 61:

Neil Trickett, PT has been a practice owner and now serves other PT practices, helping them implement powerful online and print marketing tools. Neil co-founded Practice Promotions and PT Performance Websites with his wife, Amy. His passion for helping PT practice owners has led him to build a multi-million dollar PT marketing agency that now services practice owners all across the U.S. and Canada.

Amy Trickett graduated from Northeastern University as a Physical Therapist working in a multitude of settings before opening up her practice with her husband Neil. Together they worked on building the practice and developing different marketing strategies and promotional tools to bring in more new patients. She now enjoys building Practice Promotions to serve a growing number of PT practices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How Neil and Amy started their physical therapy practice in 2001, and how Practice Promotions came about through Neil and Amy’s experiences marketing their own practice
  • Why dividing up responsibility and strong communication are the keys to working with a spouse in a family business, and how Neil and Amy each bring unique strengths
  • How they find a healthy balance between managing their business and their home life with their family
  • Why it is important to ensure that the members of your team understand roles and responsibilities (their “hats”) and give them room to maneuver
  • Why Neil believes that building out the right team is one of the most critical things you can do to grow your company
  • What steps Neil and Amy take to build their team, encourage a safe environment where members feel free to voice opinions, and align everyone to a shared goal
  • What key thresholds of growth Neil and Amy experienced as they grew their business to seven figures and beyond
  • How the global pandemic impacted the business, and how collaboration and focusing on their mission and purpose helped them get through the challenge
  • How devising a new pay structure based on bonuses for performance has helped motivate the team and ensure that everyone is rewarded for their efforts
  • What efforts Neil and Amy have taken to build out and develop their leadership team and future leaders


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