Episode 22: S2| Mike Seidel’s Journey from a Struggling Startup to a Thriving Enterprise



Welcome to an insightful look into the entrepreneurial journey of Mike Seidel, co-founder of Pivot CX. From the brink of collapse to achieving significant business success, Mike’s story offers valuable lessons in resilience, innovation, and the power of listening—a blueprint for every aspiring and established business leader.

Journey and Strategy


Mike’s path began with a promising startup called “Work Here,” a Yelp-like app for jobs. Despite an encouraging start, the 2019 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges, leading to the loss of 85% of their customers.

Adapting to Challenges


Faced with potential failure, Mike’s ability to pivot his business toward a new direction saved his venture. By refocusing on enhancing communication between recruiters and job seekers, Pivot CX was born—turning a critical situation into a thriving business model.

Leadership and Business Operations


Mike’s strategic leadership was pivotal in navigating through crises. Emphasizing lean operations and responsive market listening, he transformed initial failures into a resilient, customer-focused company.

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Personal Anecdotes


Learn how Mike’s personal life, including the integral role his family played, influenced his business decisions. These stories add depth to his character as a grounded and family-oriented leader.



Mike Seidel’s journey from a struggling startup to a thriving enterprise is not just inspiring; it’s a testament to the power of adaptive leadership and customer-centric innovation. For businesses looking to thrive in unpredictable markets, Mike’s story serves as a crucial reminder of the power of adaptability and strategic foresight.

About Mike Seidel


Mike Seidel is a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of Pivot CX, a company revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with potential hires. Before starting Pivot CX, Mike co-created several other tech startups, learning valuable lessons from each venture. His knack for turning challenges into opportunities has defined his career. Mike is based in Indianapolis and continues to lead his team toward creating innovative solutions that meet market needs in real time.


For inquiries or more information, you can reach Mike through

Company Website: PivotCX.io

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