Episode 104:

Effective Communication Strategies


What You Will Learn:

  • How to juggle all your projects at once
  • What kinds of things should be handed off
  • Effective communication strategies
  • How treating your team members like they can solve problems can solve any problems that may arise
  • Why leaving room for your team to interpret and grow is good for your business
  • How to get a lot done in the same amount of time everyone else has
  • How unplugging from your business and from notifications can help you

About Lynda Bishop:

Lynda Bishop, MPC, CEC, is a certified executive and empowerment coach, a master’s-level mental health therapist, relationship advisor, and international women’s leadership development facilitator with specialty certificates in Emotional Intelligence and the 360 assessment with the Center for Creative Leadership. She is also the founder of Relationship Insurance coaching services and author of Great Love, No Regrets; Building Relationships that Last.

In her role as the Vice President of National Programs for the National Association of Women Business Owners Institute for Entrepreneurial Development, she creates, staffs and delivers the menu of programs offered to business owners and organizations of all sizes and facilitates professional mastermind groups across the country with women business owners to support them in their personal, family and business lives.

She is also the founder of Summit Alliance Solutions, LLC, providing mentoring, training, coaching, and custom-designed programs to organizations across the nation. Her offices are located in both Arizona and Texas.

As the Executive Director for the Aspiring Youth Academy, Lynda leads a team focused on five distinct programs serving entrepreneurial youth across Arizona from underserved communities and foster care.

She is partnered with the Girl Scouts of the USA as a content curator to tell the stories of real women on their media platform, www.CircleAround.com.

In her personal time, you may find her in Corpus Christi, TX with her grandchildren, or in Arizona camping, hiking, being outdoors just about anywhere, and with her husband, Ken, and their beloved four-legged companions, Sherlock and Watson, by her side.


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