Episode 16: S2| Luke McCormack: Revolutionizing Recruitment in the Roofing Industry



Luke McCormack, the founder of McCormack Partners, has taken the entrepreneurial world by storm by identifying and filling a crucial niche in the American roofing industry. His journey from a fresh-faced startup to an international business leader embodies innovation and strategic foresight in modern entrepreneurship.

Starting and Scaling: The McCormack Partners Journey


Eight years ago, Luke recognized a significant gap in the roofing sector and launched McCormack Partners. Originally rooted in the Scottish recruitment market, the firm has since become a recognized brand across the UK, Europe, and the United States. Luke’s insights into the importance of recruitment for business scaling have propelled his company to new heights, leveraging ethical practices to transform the industry’s landscape.

Strategic Moves and Leadership


Adopting the “law of reciprocity,” Luke has focused on giving value to the roofing community before asking for business, a strategy that has earned McCormack Partners widespread acclaim and authority. His proactive engagement with educational institutions through the “People Make Roofing” campaign has redefined industry standards and drawn a new generation to the roofing profession.

Challenges and Solutions


The transition to the American market involved strategic adjustments and an understanding of broader market dynamics. Luke’s approach to overcoming these challenges involved a deep dive into creating value and establishing trust, setting up a robust presence in strategic locations like Dallas, Miami, and New York.

Conclusion: Looking Ahead


Luke McCormack’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive McCormack Partners forward, not just in business growth but also in elevating the roofing industry’s profile. His journey is a testament to the impact of strategic vision and ethical leadership in building a sustainable business.

About Luke McCormack


Luke McCormack is the driving force behind McCormack, a leader in recruitment within the burgeoning American roofing industry. With over eight years of innovative leadership, Luke has committed his career to improving industry practices and expanding opportunities. Connect with Luke on LinkedIn to follow his ongoing journey.



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