Episode 85:

Finding Silver Linings


What You Will Learn:

  • How Innovative Solutions, Justin’s 31-year old business, is today’s fastest-growing Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner
  • How the rapid advancement in technologies and the work environment rework caused by the global pandemic has created a meteoric growth boom for Innovative Solutions
  • How the company’s former CEO served as a mentor to Justin, and how Justin’s focus on company culture and stepping outside of his own comfort have been growth catalysts
  • Why the terrible, crushing moments are the ones where you can achieve real clarity and renewed purpose by finding silver linings they offer
  • Why the right leadership team can help you keep things calm even when there is so much chaos going on around you and can take some of the burden off your decision making
  • Why businesses often struggle to grow even if owners know what they should be doing, just because learning and implementing the processes can be incredibly challenging
  • What key lessons and surprising moments Justin has experienced during the transition of ownership at Innovative Solutions and its period of remarkable growth
  • Why Justin sees being a business owner as both a great honor and as an enormous responsibility to the people he’s leading
  • Why pushing yourself to grow and develop as a business owner and leader is crucial for moving the needle for your organization as well
  • Why great company culture is the key to bringing in new team members who truly believe in your Mission

About Justin Copie

As CEO of Innovative Solutions, Justin Copie is leading the bold move forward: instilling growth in employees and inspiring change well beyond the four walls of Innovative. Yet the 65 people working at Innovative don’t work for him. He works for them.

As CEO and leader, Justin provides safety and direction: safety in voicing opinions, trying new things, and failing, and direction in where to go on the path to success. He serves others in cultivating a culture where people can come to work every day feeling safe and free to do what they love to do, and in turn help Innovative reach its vision.


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