Episode 46:

Jeff Koser has over 30 years of sales leadership and is a demonstrated thought leader in the space. Jeff is the author of the award-winning book, Selling to Zebras: How to Close 90% of the Business You Pursue Faster, More Easily, and More Profitably.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How Jeff and his team took a company initially starting out in the US with no sales and “minus two customers” and built it up to an “overnight success” after 20 years
  • How Zebrafi came about and how the company targets customers between $5-20 million who want to improve their sales
  • How Jeff and the team at Zebrafi navigated some of their challenges while scaling, including bringing in new team members during the period of growth
  • Why one of the key skills Jeff had to learn to develop as a leader was his patience, and how his company’s culture was a critical ingredient in this effort
  • Why it was important for Zebrafi to find talented employees who could both function in the company at the stage it was in and was prepared for its eventual growth
  • How not all employees can or are willing to grow into a new stage with your business, and how to retain those people in new roles they’re still suited for
  • How Jeff made the transition from running his company to bringing in the right expertise and leading his team instead
  • How Zebrafi came to the idea of offering their Zebra Salesbot offering for free, allowing users to find five similar companies to their ideal customer through Salesforce
  • How a quarterly letter informing stakeholders of goals, successes, failures and strategy changes has helped Zebrafi maintain focus and accountability

Special Promotion from Jeff Koser:

Sign up for our free beta program for Zebra™ Salesbot for Salesforce: https://zebrafi.com/salesbot/

The Zebra Salesbot gives you a button in Salesforce to identify 5 similar companies. The Salesbot uses AI to create a similarity score between your selected opportunity and thousands of potential prospects. The only requirement for your free 6-month Zebra Salesbot for Salesforce to continue is weekly feedback by responding to this Survey Monkey Survey; Zebrafi Salesbot Feedback

Now more than ever, only compelling solutions are going to be purchased. Which of your existing customers view your solution as compelling? Choose that customer, click on a button we put inside Salesforce, and our Zebra Salesbot will deliver up to 5 companies that look just like that customer.

This saves hours of time and provides better results because the companies will match your best customers.


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